Nathan Feuerstein, professionally known as NF, has returned with a new single and music video titled “Paid My Dues.” The rapper has been prolific throughout 2019, dropping his album The Search earlier this year. For most artists, they generally take time before releasing new music following a project. For NF, he’s ready to turn it up even more and grind even harder.

In his latest single, “Paid My Dues,” his pointed lyrics and precise delivery build the identity of the track. From hanging on top of a ceiling to levitating over a couch, he has many things to get off his chest. The main topic he explores is critics in the industry and what they are saying about his music. Since they said what they think, he’s going to share some thoughts on it as well.

For anybody that is a fan of NF, this is a drop that cannot be missed. It’s unclear if more songs or a project will follow this, but new music is new music and he’s right back at it and on his grind.

NF – “Paid My DUES”

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