On January 17th Nice Place’s Patrick Norton will be throwing a multimedia event for the launch of Old Main Records, Wayne State’s first record label. This is going to be one of the most lit parties within the local art, music, and label scenes. It’s already sold out and will have Third Man Records signed band The Stools performing, along with Mac Saturn, Craig Garwood, and Pat’s very own band, Dirt Room

Artwork will also be shown, from almost a dozen local Detroit artists. They will have booths to showcase their work, promising to be one of the most democratic events within the art scene. 

Nice Place Came Out Of North End To Represent Friends 

Nice Place started as a DIY concert venue based in the North End of Detroit. The venue soon graduated to throwing 400 people parties in basements. These events banged so hard, Nice Place contracted food trucks for their parties. 

Patrick Norton

Pat, who runs Nice Place, aims to bring together people in a safe place to explore the local art scene. He leverages a wide social circle within the art scene to bring people who care about the community of Detroit in front of the public eye. Through strong character and rich artistic understanding, he offers beautiful contributions to the art scene. 

Few people have put in the time to make space for artists of all types. Few people encourage others so consistently. Pat is a blessing to the scene. It’s even more surprising to know that Pat is a musician who appears not to suffer from jealousy. He truly wants the best for his city. As Nice Place has developed it has grown from a DIY venue into a multimedia production and booking company that serves the artists of Detroit. 

Contact Patrick Norton of Nice Place on Instagram at @niceplacedetroit, @butter_shmelk or email him at

Wayne State’s First Record Label Old Main Records Officially Launches January 17th, 2020

Ran by the students of Wayne State, Old Main Records involves local artists in a supportive community. They aim to bridge the gap between university departments including business majors, art majors, film majors, communication majors, and advertising majors. This is one of the best programs in the school to train students on how to produce in real terms.

Submit art to Old Main Records via, or make a general inquiry to Enjoy Old Main Records’ playlist of local music here

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