Nimic Revenue is making her presence known in the hip-hop game. At only 20 years old, her career broke open just last year. With songs such as “Paramount” and “Greenroom,” she’s quickly made a name for herself. Her fast-paced melodic flows contribute to her versatile sound. Her grind is undeniably pushing her into the limelight. Through varying releases, she’s brought incredible energy. This can be seen with her new video for his song “Greenroom” featuring Chief Keef.

Nimic Revenue – “Greenroom” ft. Chief Keef

Even though the video for “Greenroom” only dropped 3 weeks ago, she’s already rolled through with another new single. She’s also teamed up with Calboy with her new song “P.O.M.E” that features a new music video. The new release further illustrates the signature sound that she’s creating, and there are no questions she’s solidifying her style.

Nimic Revenue – “P.O.M.E” ft. Calboy

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how her career develops. By working so hard on new music, there will be many opportunities. By dropping so much new music, it’s guaranteed it is always fun to be a fan. Nimic Revenue is keeping her fans happy with plenty of new material and she’s bound to do the same in the future.

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