Blessed are we in the hip-hop world today. The late Nipsey Hussle takes center stage on DJ Khaled’s latest offering Father Of Asahd. Nip is featured on “Higher” featuring John Legend which will be a clear stand out from the album. While we likely never asked for it, this Nipsey Hussle/DJ Khaled record, is exactly what hip-hop needs.

“Starting to see this life shit from a bird’s view.”

The record is truly bittersweet. On one hand, we’re blessed with new Nipsey over possibly his highest production quality record yet. Mainstream marketing/DJ Khaled promotional push, John Legend on the hook, and epic production. On the other hand, you have this amazingly mainstream yet authentic record from Nipsey, and it’s potentially the last “new” Nipsey Hussle you’ll ever here. Earlier this year when Nipsey Hussle was tragically taken from us, his lyrics begin to “hit” a different way. So much game, so much insight, and so much power in his words once he left us.

The fast-paced soul-sampled instrumental was produced by Streetrunner and Tarik Azzouz. The perfect pocket for John Legend and Nipsey to meet in the middle on. For real, that sample work and these two bring the song straight to church.

DJ Khaled Nipsey Hussle and John Legend “Higher”

“Looking back at my life make my heart race
Danced with the devil it tests all faith
I was thinking chess moves but it was God’s grace
Crooked as whoever til we all straight
With no shame, I peeped game and it’s all fake
South Central state of mind, high crime rate
Homicide, hate, gang banging, it’ll get you all day
And look at my fate.”

What may be even doper than the record or visual is what everyone involved is contributing back to the slain emcees family. Khaled released a Tweet where he pronounced not only did Nipsey’s family give him the blessing to release the song, but all of the proceeds and profits from the record will be given to his children. That’s major for the lead visual on a DJ Khaled video. In the past it has been Jay-Z, Future, Drake, Quavo, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown.

It may have taken some time, Nip Hussle The Great, but you’ve arrived. Well deserved, enjoy the Victory Lap. The Marathon Continues.

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