The Respect My Region 2022 North American Weed Tour

The 2022 North American Weed Tour Officially Begins

From July 10 to December 15, 2022, the North American Weed Tour will review 500+ products and showcase brands across every category in select recreational markets.

Respect My Region (RMR) will feature more than 100 industry leaders on the company’s YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch.

During the tour, RMR will host 250+ podcast episodes and Instagram Live Streams showcasing cannabis products, retailers, farms, labs, kitchens, ancillary services, and technology.

Strategic Media, Brand, and Influencer Partnerships for the 2022 North American Weed Tour:

10Buds, 40 Tons, 420 Jurist, Adam ILL, AZ Cannabis News, Beard Bros Pharms, Betty Krocker Bakes, BudsFeed, Cannabiscapes, CannabisTalk 101, Cannabis and Movies Club, Elana Cohen Public Relations, Emerald Market Ganjapreneur, G4 Live, Heady NJ, Honeysuckle Magazine, Illinois News Joint, Inner.Chii, Mistah Cannabis, MJ Brand Insights, Natura, Neon Joint, Petalfast, Pre-Packs, Pot Brothers at Law, PufCreativ, Skunk Magazine, The Bluntness, The Cannabis Library, The Cannigma, and The Weed Blog.

Retail Partnerships for the 2022 North American Weed Tour:

the North American weed tour

Showcasing Over 250 Cannabis Professionals!

From July 10th until December 15, 2022, the North American Weed Tour will showcase over 250 respected cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs.

They will share invaluable perspectives and knowledge gained from life experiences in the recreational, medical, and traditional cannabis industries.

We’ve created and curated 17 unique shows that cover all aspects of the cannabis industry and the culture surrounding it.

Canada Has 3400 Cannabis Retail Stores
wildland farms mendocino california

We’re Looking At All Aspects Of Legal Cannabis

Each month, we are focusing on a different aspect of legal cannabis, diving into the culture, business, and products available.

  • July: Oil & Technology
  • August: Exotics & Classics (Deserts & OGs)
  • September: Craftember (All Things Craft Cannabis)
  • October: Croptober (A Deep Dive Into Outdoor, Sun-Grown, and Homegrown)
  • November: MSOvember (Industry Leaders Operating In Multiple States)
  • December: Cookies (The Biggest Weed Empire In The World)

Product Reviews

Our staff will be reviewing over 500 legal cannabis products across the United States. We’ll be shopping at dispensaries, working directly with brands, and partnering with retailers to review the most in-demand products across the nation.

Using our 100-point rating system, we’ll be ranking the best-of-the-best from each legal state we review products in.

north american weed tour product reviews

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2022 North American Weed Tour Partners

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