Northwest Thrift Con Returns December 11th

Northwest Thrift Con Returns To Downtown Tacoma December 15th

Northwest Thrift Con is back after it’s debut run, and they’re ready to run it back. The conjoining of vintage, hype, music, and culture is being held in the historic Courthouse Square in downtown Tacoma, Washington. The event will host a variety of different amenities for patrons attending.

Need to add to your closet? Looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone you love? Or maybe you are just looking to get out in the community and meet new people. Northwest Thrift Con is right around the corner and is the perfect event for needs such as these.

Their original event was held on the first floor of the venue, but this time around there will be a number of changes that the team is sure guests will love that activate the whole space. The event is on December 15th from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The entire building of the Courthouse will be open to guests and vendors. This means that more than three floors will be of use throughout the groundbreaking event. One new installment held during the event is a panel hosting some of the game’s OGs. Match this with a trading floor, live music, art installments, and food and you’re bound for a one of a kind time.

In order to get the full rundown on the event, I was able to tap in with Rich and Dese from All Star Vintage Tacoma. They gave me some great insight into the whole vision for the event, and the future of vintage, not only in Tacoma but throughout the States.

Northwest Thrift Con Returns December 11th


This interview has been edited for clarity.

RMR: So with the first run of Northwest Thrift Con y’all had a great turn out, what did you guys learn from that experience?

Dese: That people want vintage. For that many people to show up.

Rich: It showed us that it’s time, ya know. This isn’t our first time, we’ve been doing markets for four years believe it or not. We saw the shift a year ago. We decided to take that and do what we do best. That’s creating the best projects for the people. Vintage and music is our thing, so why not better to do it than here in Tacoma. Since we executed the first one so well, we want to add more aspects to make it more fun for our guests.

RMR: I feel as if vintage blends really well with the area we’re in terms of the community and culture of Tacoma.

Rich: A lot of east siders are coming too, believe that.

Dese: We have people coming from the Carolinas.

Rich: Yeah, the Kurated Vintage from the Lo-Life family is coming out from the east side. That’s really good that people are starting to come to the west side of the East Coast for our project. It’s really what we want, to open it up and have the whole country come hangout in Tacoma for the weekend.

RMR: Have y’all ever thought about putting on a whole vintage experience for the weekend?

Rich: Even better, a whole week. You heard it here first. Vintage week is coming. That’s all we’re going to say. Tacoma Vintage Week!

Northwest Thrift Con Returns December 11th

RMR: You mentioned that the second time around you’re going to be introducing new facets to the weekend by activating the whole space. Can you tell me more about that?

Dese: There’s going to be a whole Trading Post this time around. People were setting up makeshift tables and trading in front of the real vendors. We respect the hustle, so we wanted to make it more accessible for our guests. It’ll be on the beautiful fourth-floor ballroom space. We’ll also be putting on a Discussion Panel on the business of vintage. I think it’ll be really interesting to hear from OGs in the game to new age internet dealers. There’ll be a total of six people on the panel. We’ll also be hosting a Chain Stitch Class so our guests can learn how to make patches and fixing garments.

RMR: Who are some of the vendors that will be making it out to NW Thrift Con?

Dese: As I mentioned before, we’re really looking forward to seeing Kurated Vintage come to the northwest. We’re also very excited to work with Mana Vintage, who has a private showroom in Seattle. Of course, Mark Humphreys, stylist, art director, and the longtime veteran vintage dealer will be in attendance as well!

RMR: Besides the clothing vendors, what are some other amenities that will be put on during the event?

Dese: This time around En Rama will be open serving brunch and cocktails, the best old fashion in town. Downstairs is more grab-and-go with Outpost Kitchen sandwiches. Also downstairs we’ll be activating the space with an Artist Alley. The arcade from the Players Club will also be there with all vintage video games. The record store will also be open. The Payback will be providing their DJ talents throughout the event. Black Santa will also be making an appearance!

Northwest Thrift Con Returns December 11th

RMR: Ultimately, what can the guests look forward to from North West Thrift Con?

Dese: Simply the best of the best vintage under one incredibly beautiful roof. We have limited space here, so we do take the curation of the vendors very seriously to make sure we have the most badass vintage.

Rich: I’d say for them to learn something new about vintage. To be a part of something that has never been done. Hopefully, get some really dope gear but also learn something new as well.

RMR: Is there anything else that you two wanted to touch on?

Dese: There’ll be vintage for everybody. The vintage itself is really trendy right now, there are vendors who focus on the early ’80s, early ’90s, and all types of different styles. We curated the event to make sure that everyone will find something that they love.

Rich: Thrifting is cool, but vintage is forever.

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