Respect My Region is grateful for our recent exclusive Notaker interview. The Missouri native and rising electronic music star, Notaker, just dropped a super hot EP titled, “Erebus I.” This is definitely an up and coming artist you want to keep an eye on. As a member of the famous mau5trap label, he has already established a foundation for success. Enjoy our interview and let us know what you think about it in the comments! Be sure to check out Notaker’s newest EP, Erebus I below.

Exclusive Notaker Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

RMR: How did you first get into making music? And at what age?

Notaker: I was in a band when I was in elementary and middle school and also played the guitar a bit, but never really liked having many rules and set music that I had to learn. In 2010, when I was 20 years old, I was at my car dealership getting an oil change when a sales rep came up to me with scion promo CDs and was like, “hey kid, do you like techno?”. I said “no not really” but he proceeded to give me those CDs and told me about this rave he did security for. It was like the premiere electronic party, at the time, in St. Louis. I went, experienced the music and culture and it left a really big positive impact on me. While I was at the show I met a friend who was also a producer. He was the one who got me to purchase Logic Pro 9 shortly after and from then I started writing music.

RMR: Who’s sound has inspired what you’ve been able to come up as your own?

Notaker: I think I can attribute a lot of my sound to influences like Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Hans Zimmer, and M83. I think throughout my time as a music fan those are always the guys who inspire me the most with their music.

RMR: What is your favorite song that you’ve made?

Notaker: My favorite song I’ve made is usually my latest song. It’s so easy to get excited about the new thing you’ve just written or released.

RMR: If you weren’t a music artist, what do you think your profession would be?

Notaker: A pilot, it’s what I went to school for and I still hold my private, IFR, commercial, and multi-engine ratings.

RMR: If you aren’t making music, what can Notaker be found doing for fun?

Notaker: I like to play disc golf a lot, it’s really relaxing to walk around in a nature-y environment, throw some frisbees, and have a good time.

RMR: Where would you love to travel to if you could play anywhere in the world?

Notaker: I’d love to go to burning man, I’ve never been and it looks incredible. Trying to get some friends together to go next year!
RMR: What has been a highlight in your career so far? Like a moment that has stuck out to you more than others?

Notaker: I think the moment that sticks out the most was releasing this last EP with mau5trap. I honestly feel like this is the most in-depth and story-driven collection of music that I’ve ever made. I’m really proud of it and glad it has a good home.

RMR: What’s one thing that you’ve had to overcome in the last year or so while chasing your dream as a music artist?

Notaker: Time management. It’s Still a tricky thing. It’s easy to get lost in your own world writing music, coming up with concepts, and generally being excited, but then you forget to mow your lawn or someone’s birthday or your car needs repairs. I’m learning little by little how to squeeze everything in while still keeping the excitement and progress happening.

RMR: If you could work with any other artist in the world that you haven’t worked with yet, who would it be?

Notaker: I’d love to work with deadmau5.

RMR: What would you like to accomplish as a music artist with a personal audience and influence?

Notaker: I’d love to be able to tell more in-depth stories with my music always. The sad thing is, you can only do so much before your bank account tells you no lol.

RMR: What could we expect from Notaker in the next several months or year to come?

Notaker: More music for sure, more live performances for sure, that’s all I’ll say for now.

RMR: Last question here, when could we expect a visit from you to Seattle, Washington!?

Notaker: Hopefully soon. You guys are my #4 top “where people listen” on Spotify, so I’m keeping my eye on you guys 😉
notaker interview
Notaker – Erebus I EP

Austin Howell is a Journalist for Respect My Region and Owner of The Real Gentlemen’s Club.


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