Having listened to rap, RnB, and rock music for most of my life I find myself drifting farther and farther away from softer music. Initially I wasn’t a fan of Yellow Claw’s ‘Shotgun’ because of the sappy lyrics and general poppy/trap anthem sound that you so often hear these days but now after hearing this massive remix I’ll go ahead and hop on the bandwagon. Isn’t that what people here in Seattle do anyways? I’m kidding, I’m kidding, but only because this this Sharps remix is actually a super slapper!  Don’t sleep on my dude Winson’s talent. Him and a fellow Seattle producer/DJ might’ve recently split up what could’ve been the filthiest duo of 2015 but you won’t catch Sharps wasting time on any shenanigans or drama. Sharps stays on point with his supreme grind and networking throughout the greater 206. Stay tuned for more SUPER SLAPS from Sharps and more info coming soon on some of his upcoming shows out at Aston Manor.

Be sure to hit up his soundcloud and follow him for an endless supply of bangers or follow on twitter @WinsonSharps for more personal updates from Seattle’s  co-EDM Trap’per of the Year in 2014.

‘Shotgun’- Yellow Claw X Quintino (Sharps Remix)



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