Here at Respect My Region we like to give our respect to the top talent in our region and we like to go the best events in our region. Aston Manor’s 2nd Annual DJ Competition does both by honoring the northwest’s most talented up-and-coming artists.

Five winners will be selected from different categories: open format, trap, and bigroom/electro house. The judges grade based on song selection, mix quality, and the crowds’ reaction. Winners take home a share of the $5000 cash prize.

Last Thursday, Aston Manor hosted the trap portion of the competition and for those of you that know me, I love trap, mostly because of the bouncing and grinding possibilities. One of the two trap finalists, Doozy, has been in the company of some top-name artists in dance music, opening up for Life in Color 2014, FreakNight’s Travelling Circus in Spokane and Pullman, and most recently Lucky 2015. We got a chance to speak with Ryan Meeker, one-half of Doozy, who made it into the finals being held on April 29. While he recognizes his competitors’ levels of talent, he has confidence in Doozy’s ability to take the grand prize. He has big plans for their earnings if they do win, “If I win the money first thing I am doing is buying a round of drinks for all my homies that came out and that have supported me since the very beginning. With the rest of the money I will be putting towards anything to help Doozy, whether that be a logo, production equipment, or anything else that will help us get to the next level.” The Respect My Region crew will be there, not only in hopes of getting a share of that round of drinks, but to support Doozy’s journey and help them make it into the ranks of the Pacific Northwest’s best EDM artists. 

Check out their remix of “Hey Mickey” below and cheer them on with your booty claps. “I can’t tell you what I have planned for the finals, you and everyone else needs to be at Aston Manor on April 29th to see what I’ve got whipped up!”