Growing up in rural Washington has naturally created a deep-rooted love for visiting Ocean Shores.  It’s far enough away from everything to feel like you are in another world, and the ocean current and breeze creates a calmness within the core of any Washingtonian that I truly believe there is science behind.

I had the pleasure of heading back out that way this past weekend with my charming girlfriend and my parents.  I haven’t left Seattle in over a year due to heavy workload and self-reflection, it was much needed time off at the beach for me and my fam to relax and smoke tough. Luckily, Ocean Shores, WA offers all the pleasantries any dog-loving family of stoners on a budget may desire and all conveniently located less than three hours from Seattle.

We rolled in late afternoon to our hotel called the Grey Gull, located right on the main drag and facing the ocean, with only a short walk to the beach. After we dropped all our shit down and got the dogs situated our next question naturally was—where the weed at?

To my pleasure, I noticed a Have A Heart dispensary on the other side of the street. I walked right in, grabbed an oil cartridge and two pre-rolls from my favorite, Phat Panda (Golden Pineapple is my go-to pre-roll) with no hassle. This location had the same product selection I’m used to, and I got my discount for using my accumulated loyalty points.

(On a side-note, I snagged a new Fireracker Grunk pre-roll from Phat Panda infused with keif and oil and the shit reeked like so many grape Swisher blunts from my youth and hit me with a couch-lock punch. I highly recommend picking up one of these crazy concoctions.)

We spent the rest of the night grubbing and smoking veritable amounts of kush on our back patio that overlooked the pool, grassy back-area, and trail to the ocean undisturbed. When my parents and I travel, smoking convenience is of vital importance to us, so the Grey Gull is solid in my book.

Late in the morning, we went to the local RMR chill spot, The Green Lantern, just outside of Ocean Shores in Copalis Beach. A Charming place that’s Gucci for the whole family, with booze, pull tabs, pool tables, and hearty plates that will leave you satisfied.

Also dog-friendly, the host directed me to the back area of the establishment fit with picnic tables, green grass, and mellow vibes. I talked with some locals out back while they smoked cigs and I toked on my vape pen.

Then I had a killer chicken-fried steak sandwich loaded with gravy. It was a very simple and enjoyable establishment overall that reminded me of the quiet place I grew up; if you want the laid-back aesthetic indicative of beach-front living I highly recommend the Green Lantern.

Ocean Shores: Cheap, Dog-Friendly, 4/20-Friendly, Low-key Fun AF

Another quintessential part of my Ocean Shores vacation is visiting the (much less sketchy now) strip mall. There are prime little ice cream and saltwater taffy shops here that are always my first stop, as well as a tacky gift store and (now much more legit) toy store because I’m a kid forever and IDGAF what you think. Across from the strip mall is a newly renovated bowling center that looked prime as fuck, but I did not have the chance to scope it, much to my chagrin as your boy loves bowling.

Lastly, I always make time to enjoy a good flatland skimboarding session whenever I visit Ocean Shores because it is hard as tits to find a shoreline as flat anywhere inland. If you have the interest and cheddar to drop on the activity, I without a doubt recommend Dashboard Skimboards, a Tacoma-based company that I have been reppin’ for over a decade; their quality and the overall ride is incomparable and buttery.

Overall, it was a wonderful visit back to Ocean Shores to lighten the load of the city for a couple days.  If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway this is the spot, and it is usually very quiet and laid-back in the earlier months of spring/summer.  Book your trip this summer!