Zac Efron has been a heartthrob since he came out the womb. At first I didn’t have any faith in the guy’s acting abilities because of his association with ‘High School Musical’. I’m a guy and most of us simply don’t fuxx with the whole singing and dancing pretty-boy thing. As Efron has gotten older though, we’ve seen him develop a super-bro, kinda lowkey-douchey persona in his roles and character choices. Most recently I enjoyed his fratty performance next to Dave Franco in ‘Neighbors’ and I am quite honestly excited to see this DJ movie. His humor is something I can relate with as a 23 year old ratchet who frequents raves, rap concerts, and music festivals.

The trailer is definitely tugging on my emotions as it portrays the DJ life as something from a dream. Most of us party-goers and clubbers would love to live a lavish life as a popular DJ. I couldn’t possibly imagine performing at a major music festival and being able to bring my friends along with me. Bringing an entire group of friends along with me as I grew into something like a famous DJ would be insane!

I don’t really recommend watching the tailer if you plan on watching this movie once it comes out anyways. It definitely didn’t help to persuade me into watching this flick when it does come out but what the heck, checking out Zac Efron for 3:15 isn’t all that bad at the end of the day.

Check out the Official Trailer for ‘We Are Your Friends’ down below!

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