At this moment, Oleum is already an award-winning processor company with thousands of loyal customers spread throughout Washington. When asked why Oleum Extracts is one of Washington’s best processors, Diego Pellicer’s Jordan Zenisek shared that she believes there are five main reasons. RMR & Jordan reached out to Oleum’s team to learn more about their brand and you can find out what they had to say by reading below.

5 Reasons Why Oleum Extracts Is One of Washington’s Best Concentrate Processors

Reason #1: Quality

“Oleum partners with some of the best cannabis producers to extract some of the finest concentrates in Washington state. They are known for producing high-quality extracts and have followers from all over the country.” – Jordan Zenisek

“When it comes down to the final product of our concentrates, it has a lot to do with the extraction and refinement processes within the Lab itself. We have invested heavily into our own extraction equipment (Rocket Extractors), as well as procedures of extraction and methods of refinement.

With over a decade of extraction experience, our team is able to apply a myriad of methods to create a wide variety of premium concentrates. Our main goal is to provide quality, purity, and consistency to all of our product lines including sugar resin, honey crystal, distillate and THCA Crystalline.” – Oleum

Reason #2: Flavor

“People travel to get Oleum because of their flavorful concentrates. Anyone who likes to dab quality extracts can appreciate the taste of a really good hit thanks to a rich flavor profile. Terpenes play a large role in the flavor of cannabis and Oleum make sure to list their product’s terpene profile on their packaging.” – Jordan Zenisek

“With our background in medical starting in 2010, we knew the importance of terpenes and their presence in cannabis flower and extractions. Understanding the role terpenes play in the entourage effect of cannabis, we wanted our partners and consumers to be well aware of these breakdowns when purchasing our products.

Different strokes for different folks definitely applies in the world of cannabis consumption, and is important when attempting to meet the need, effect and/or  feeling a user is looking to experience. We are happy to see the responses in market to our inclusion of the terpene breakdowns. We provide them on every label for each batch of concentrates we produce.

The flavors we are able to pull out of the extractions has a lot to do with the multiple stages of filtration and refinement. Making sure that all unwanted materials are removed including plant waxes & lipids, chlorophyll, salts & minerals, impurities, etc. depending on end product and level of refinement. If its not a cannabinoid or terpene, we don’t want it in there...” – Oleum

Reason #3: Consistency

“From shop to shop, you’ll only find quality products. Not to mention they were nominated in 3+ categories for Dope Magazine Seattle’s Dope Cup awards. At Diego Pellicer, consumers keep coming back for more. Whether you’re getting their tasty Sugar Resin or their potent Honey Crystal, Oleum makes it quite difficult to choose something that won’t get the job done.” – – Jordan Zenisek

“Providing consistency in the market with our concentrates is of huge importance to us at Oleum Extracts. We knew coming into 502 that standards of quality and consistency were pretty shaky at best, and only a small handful of processors were providing concentrates at a level we thought worthy of the market. Because of the many years of experience and the diversity of our team, we have learned how to dial in our practices to ensure quality and consistency in every product we make.

Sourcing starting material that is fresh, flushed and cured properly, and testing high in cannabinoids and terpenes is another important part of this process of ensuring quality and consistency to our consumers.” – Oleum

Reason #4: Award-Winning

“Oleum won two First Place cups at this year’s Dope Cup. One for Best Live Resin and the other for their THCA Crystalline. They also took home two Second Place cups for best wax and CBD concentrate. According to numerous picky judges, Oleum Extracts produces the top one or two products in four separate categories.” – Jordan Zenisek

“At this year’s Dope Cup 2017, Oleum Extracts walked away with two First Place Cups… one for Best Live Resin (Magneto Honey Crystal), and the other for THCA Crystalline. We also won two Second Place Awards… one for Best Wax (WhiteWalker), and the other for Best CBD Concentrate (CBD Crystalline). We hope to continue to bring award winning products to the WA state market and beyond.” – Oleum

Reason #5: THCA Crystalline

“THCA Crystalline is pure THCA, which is the acid form of THC. It’s inactive, so it won’t get you high if you eat it, but still can receive the medicinal benefits. You do need to dab it at a higher temperature just to ensure that it fully converts to THC, and when you do it’s a next level kind of high. THCA Crystalline is not recommended for first-time dabbers and many processors do not provide this elite type of product.” – Jordan Zenisek

“There seems to be some difference of opinion when it comes to the crystalline structure of THCA. Some products we currently see in the market are THCA products that are unrefined, and lacking in purity… we are not speaking down on these products, just stating facts. That is why you will see THCA products that are powdery in texture, and have brown to orange hues of color testing anywhere from low 80’s to mid 90’s in THCA.

You will also see products like our own (THCA Granular/Wizard Stones)… that are actually grown and refined at multiple stages over the course of days and/or weeks to produce both small and large form crystalline structures, clear to white/opaque in color and testing at 98-99.9% pure. It just comes down to science, and that’s something we are always pushing the envelope on to bring the latest in cannabis extractions.

We will soon be releasing our THCA Crystalline with All Native-Derived Cannabis Terpene Blends, keep an eye out!!” – Oleum

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