Sometimes we keep summer icy. OMB Bloodbath’s new cut “Dropout” proves the point by being one of the smoothest releases this spring. Houston veteran Maxo Kream takes turns dribbling bars back and forth with the rising star, OMB Bloodbath. The visuals that go with it are cutting, moody, and unapologetic.

While Bloodbath has quite a few tracks under her belt, “Dropout” is getting closer to landing her on the mainstream radar. A gorgeous bass line drives the track, opening up the banger for Maxo to relaxingly spread out the atmosphere. Once that bitch is ready Bloodbath slides in to deliver a verse so smooth you lose track of what time it is. 2020 or not this shit some of that weighty rap. Maxo and Bloodbath prove they’re riding at the top of their form.

Each bar is a treat, as can be expected from H-Town spitters. “And I come for the gutta, finna bank on this/ K looking like a flag how it hang on clips/ Thot tryna give me top, want the brain, that’s it,” Bloodbath spits, proving that the flow refuses to stop on this track. Maxo comes in relentlessly letting loose murderous cadences.

Visually, the video is a cinematic vibe. Blaring red and blue lights cool down the scene, giving a minimal abstract aesthetic, while also maintaining the various threats of the streets. Drugs, ass, cooking, the whole nine yards. Pop on the track if you’re with it at all.

OMB Bloodbath – “Dropout” Feat. Maxo Kream

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