“OnlyOne has a habit of releasing albums out of the blue and today is yet another sign that this habit is becoming a full blown addiction. With no previous mention or promotional efforts, the Sandpeople emcee released Police Brutality (B-Sides) today – an album full of previously unreleased music that was created during and following the Police Brutality era. If you were sleeping during that time period, Police Brutality was a double album between OnlyOne & Illmaculate, with each of them getting their own side to introduce themselves and explain their attitude towards police (the cover made it pretty obvious too). Years later, OnlyOne has released a little bit more of the magic but it’s really only a teaser to get fans ready for the upcoming OnlyOne and Illmaculate album Only & Ill, as well as his upcoming Cult Classic 2 mixtape.”

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Check out the track Say What produced by Sapient below.