Ora Seattle is the emerald city’s newest nightclub! Opening just a few months ago, this club is located in Belltown, just up the hill from Foundation. I visited this club for the first time on the night of WAVES X SEE: Kendoll, a house music event on February 3rd.

First getting into the club, I noticed its spaciousness immediately. With two floors and plenty of room to dance or mingle, Ora was off to a good start. I also noticed right away that the place was clean, including the bathrooms, and the club itself had good lighting and an electric, vibrant design.

Ora Seattle

Ben Wehrman

Upstairs, the stage and dance floor across the room was filled with people. Regardless, there was still plenty of standing, mingling, and dancing space, and the bar area was wide open as well. Because of the open design of the upstairs, you shouldn’t really ever feel claustrophobic or have difficulty getting around corners.

Equally as important as the design and cleanliness of the space, the staff was also nice, and the venue seemed to draw a good crowd. I didn’t get any sense of club ego or notice any rude attitudes from anyone there. Drink prices were fair, and the drinks poured weren’t “stingy,” by any means.

I’ve already heard some complaints about parking for this club, but when I arrived, I was able to get a spot at a lot right down the street, without having to go down the hill. Granted, the club wasn’t packed that night and the lot had plenty of space. Still, I could see how, as this club gains reputation and begins to sell out events, the parking situation might become a bit more difficult.

For that reason, I’ve knocked off a couple points from the score. Aside from that, I predict good things for this club as it grows and becomes a bigger part of the Seattle nightlife. I definitely hope to see their continued support for small event companies like WAVES and Safe Escape Events, as well. I had a good experience at Ora Seattle, and will likely see myself returning in the future. Not to mention, I noticed that they just booked Darude on March 31st.

Give this club a visit, and share your experience with us!

Ora Seattle Rating: 4.7/5

Ora Seattle

Ora Seattle