A few weeks back I took a trip down to Eugene to visit some friends and check out the local marijuana scene. I’ve never really been able to just hang out and visit Oregon, so this vacation was exactly what I needed. The homies took me to two local weed stores, one awesome smoke shop, and one of the dankest sandwich shops I’ve ever been to. I was also lucky enough to spend my 4th of July with the owner of Marijuana Movers and his grow partners.

Having never spoken to or even hung out with with anyone who works in the Oregon marijuana industry, I couldn’t help but ask question after question. They let me sample a few of the strains from their grow,  Multi Top Farms, two of which were extremely high quality.

Smoking two bowls of MTF’s Death Star and Gorilla Glue #4 had me glued to my seat and I soon consumed about 5 pork sliders. Hearing these successful businessmen talk about the moves they’ve made, I could immediately tell that their team was passionate about their venture into marijuana. Their energy and their product inspired me to learn more about their business and the industry they’re providing top-shelf marijuana to.

We went on to discuss some of the differences between Washington and Oregon’s marijuana situation as well as which dispensaries are worth visiting in the Eugene area. When I learned that their Gorilla Glue #4 strain had tested out at 29.27% THC I was quite impressed. Rumor has it that this strain was selling quicker than anything else at Meg’s Marijuana, a local retailer in the area.

Everything about the marijuana they provided was high quality and I highly recommend bringing them into a shop near you.

Since I don’t yet work with weed and I don’t live in Oregon, the most interesting part of our conversation was learning about the various laws surrounding legal cannabis in the state. Whether you’re on vacation in a legal state or even in another country, it is always good to know what you can and can’t get away with.

Check out the info graphic below and please share to your friends so they can be informed!

Whats Legal Oregon |

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