Osanyin is an Oakland-based cannabis cultivation and delivery service focused on equity, arts, and healing. They’re taking the medicinal and artistic nature of cannabis, and connecting back with the community. These cannabis experts are weaving together the healing powers of cannabis and the unifying power of the local arts community. 

Founded and run by Black women, this innovative Oakland based company is reimagining Oakland’s interactions with cannabis. With weed as such a cultural staple in California and the Pacific Northwest, there is a lot of room in the industry for innovation and improvement. Osanyin is taking that as their cue to do more.

Osanyin is doing more than just distributing top-quality weed to their Oakland neighbors. They are specially curating a selection of equity-focused, artisanal cannabis distributors. They are supporting charitable organizations and cultural groups. Additionally, they are producing an art, wellness, and community-based blog. Osanyin is setting intentions and showing up for their community. 

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The O-Chronicles

“Got Justice? We Should Know Their Names” by Anika | @nuafrica

Osanyin goes beyond its artisanal selection of cannabis products. This equity-centered cannabis company produces a cannabis, art, and community wellness blog. The O-Chronicles has eight volumes of its Mixtape series published—each highlighting important issues facing American society.

The O-Chronicles showcases writers, artists, activists, and professors speaking out on topics from personal wellness and cannabis, to racial injustice, to environmental sustainability. By providing resources from experts and tools to educate, Osyanin is pioneering the Oakland cannabis scene.

Cannabis Delivered With Love And Intention

The cohesive and intentional practices at the heart of Osanyin are creating a space in the Oakland cannabis scene for collective healing. Their mission for the betterment of community health and wellness through the medicinal powers of cannabis and community education sets Osayin apart. 

Not only will you know your weed is equitably sourced, but they also deliver it right to your door. During delivery hours, a mobile budtender will deliver your cannabis products to your front step, in and around Oakland. Unfortunately, at this time they are currently not taking new orders. 

Collective Healing Through Plant Medicine and Community Support

Within each facet of their company, Osanyin is committed to serving the community and promoting collective healing through plant medicine. Their menu contains only equity-focused cannabis brands. Osanyin is here to provide for the whole sensory experience. They’ve got everything from carefully sourced edibles to flower and seeds, to loose leaf tea. But their presence is far more than just the menu and the convenience of online ordering and delivery. 

With a mission for equity, racial and environmental justice, and an artisanal selection of cannabis, they’re making some serious moves. Make sure to keep Osanyin on your radar for when delivery orders open up again. 

Because what could be better than supporting strong Black women in their mission for equity and healing in cannabis, supporting culture and community, and buying weed with intention?

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