Otown Marco will be headlining DayDream Fest this year down in LA, and we’re happy to be a sponsor and work with our new friends at Wavestation. This will be the first event we’ve had in Los Angeles and we’re beyond stoked. Otown Marco is a hip-hop artist hailing from Orlando, Florida, known for his vivid lyricism and infallible cadences over some seriously vibey production.

This guy is smart, know that now. He’s put out three full-length tapes since 2015, with several singles in-between. Now he’s headlining a festival in LA at Union, so we know he’s doing something right. Marco’s been putting out clean production and dancing on the beat with wavy bars since his first release. Usually, I can hear some improvement in production across three albums from any artist, but the dude’s content is clean throughout.

His most recent release on Youtube was a month ago and it has steady streams. His video released 8 months prior has boasted 18k and rising. Homeboy stays consistent on his grind and it shows. Watch the video for his newest banger, “Jealous,” below.

I love this dude’s flow in this track. The visual also has a great pace to it that keeps me riding. Cut has me feeling like I’m leaned out at a theme park in South Florida. The shots remain clean as hell throughout and it keeps your attention veritably.

RMR x Wavestation Present: Otown Marco At DayDream Fest 6/19

DayDream is an all ages event so come one, come all. Marco will be headlining at a killer venue in Los Angeles called Union. As this is our first time being a part of an event in LA, we at RMR are riddled with high-key excitement. We recently were invited by High Times Magazine to do press for the NorCal Cannabis Cup. So our eyes are locked on Cali, and it’s love at first sight.

Grab your tickets to DayDream and scope all the certifiably lit artists that will be taking the stage aside your man with the sauce—Otown Marco!

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