Surprisingly or not, Ozzy has released his newest album Ordinary Man. No small feat for a 71-year-old rock and roll artist. But this isn’t what creates such a buzz in regards to one of The Godfathers of metal. No, the bigger story here is after watching Ozzy and his wife, Sharon Osbourne, come on to the stage at the Grammys shortly after Ozzy announced that he has Parkinson’s Disease… again?

No, for an older rock star with Parkinson’s disease there seems to be no indication of any faults or disease. During his singing performance in this new album, he does not skip a beat. I admittedly was worried watching Ozzy hobble onto the stage. With a cane in hand and clutching his wife in the other. The metal duo presented best Rap/Sung performance where he had short lines. The two of them made for a fun time while presenting with quips and flirtatious banter. His album, however, is filled with cursing, rocking, and screaming in all of its glory. 

It’s odd that Ozzy Osbourne can still hold this rock n’ roll glory considering a life filled with heavy drinking and drugs that lead to nerve and brain damage. It is nothing short of amazing that Ozzy has lived as long as he has. Researches suggest that neurological disorders affect many people in numerous ways. It seems that even though this has affected Ozzy’s motor skills, speech, and memory it has not affected his ability to string together sentences and lyrics in a rhythmic fashion as a compelling lead vocalist. 

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon at the 2020 Grammys

Ozzy Osbourne is rocking just as he once was. This album truly feels like a compilation of Ozzy’s best talents. He calls out to hell, telling his listeners to “Eat Me” and rocking with newer artists like Post Malone. Post Malone is on two tracks on the album. He is featured on “It’s A Raid” and is fully credited for ‘Take What You Want’ featuring Ozzy Osbourne. Post Malone clearly left a mark with Ozzy. Being such a big part of the album and as the only featured artist on what could be Ozzy’s last album. You’ll also find features from Travis Scott and Sir Elton John himself.

This is a fun listen of a heavily regarded metal musician who has shaped the genre today. Ordinary Man is the furthest thing from what Ozzy is. Listening to this album is nothing short of a good time. In all honesty, nothing beats Ozzy yelling “Fuck You!” at the end of his songs quite like in Ordinary Man.

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