I ventured out to the Olympic Peninsula for Thanksgiving and wanted to find some cannabis that was grown locally. Falcanna came recommended to me by the staff at Discovery Bay Cannabis. The Pacific Blue sticker inside the packaging caught my eye before anything else. A whale with an island attached to its back dominates the packaging.

According to the label Pacific Blue is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain. The Falcanna website states that, “Pacific Blue is Falcanna’s premier flagship cannabis strain and its genetics are exclusive to the the Falcanna strain family.” As I continued to read their website I became more excited.

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue

This strain has a very unique smell. One I haven’t smelled in weed in a very long time. An almost sour smell filled the air. It was extremely skunky. I might have thought I bought more than a gram if it wasn’t labeled on the packaging. Dark amber hairs covered the light green nugs. After cracking open a nug I felt it sticking to my fingers as I broke it apart to load into my bong.

The high was extremely relaxing. Melting into my couch as I zoned out to the sound of my TV. I found myself hungry and unable to stop eating as I inhaled the food. My tolerance has increased since I started writing reviews, but I was ripped after a single bowl. The second one I smoked put me over the edge, but I was so relaxed from the high that I did not care.

Pacific Blue Cannabinoid Breakdown

THC: 23.4%

You can find Pacific Blue at the following locations: Discovery Bay Cannabis Port Townsend, WA, TJ’s Cannabis Shelton, WA, and Commencement Bay Cannabis Fifa, WA.