Seattle’s real estate and neighborhoods have long been gentrified. Our hip-hop scene has had its issues with the subject. Many “street” rappers haven’t been afforded the platform to hold a voice outside of their neighborhood. Papa Black Davinci is an artist that reaches all stretches on the Seattle metro area with both his music and various other contributions to the culture. Today we proudly present his latest visual “Caution.”

Over laid back Spanish guitar licks, Papa Black drops gems of the game in between each line. The visual is directed by Town ENT who has really etched out a place as the visual storyteller for so much of Seattle. During these days and times, community and unity mean so much, and both Papa Black and the Town ENT crew lead by example on these principles. The rapper was one of the top finalists on our #ListenUpChallenge and killed his submission – highly recommend going and checking that out if you missed it.

It’s clearly a tough time to push music for any reason rooted in self-promotion but Papa Black has always stood for a greater cause in Seattle. He’s been a voice for many that haven’t been given a chance to speak and a true street politician. Not many have walked through the trenches of the town into boardrooms and meetings representing the culture of the community. When he first dropped the visual, he left this note alongside it:

So i dropped a video today. Its hard to promote anything but with the message im sending it just seem wrong to hold it bacc. My music always been this way. The times we are in just permit it to finally really make sense to y’alll.

Besides this track holding a dope vibe to ride through, I hope you hear the message and pick up some game.

Papa Black Davinci “Caution” (Music Video)

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