The Papaya strain is a pleasantly fruity strain with a noticeable gas making it both loud and aromatic. This indica-dominant hybrid is almost like aromatherapy as it sends sweet peppery citrusy goodness up your nostrils. It comes from crossing the Citral #13 with the Ice #2 to produce a refreshing and potentially nirvana-esque high. What’s crazy about this strain is that it usually shares a strong aromatic profile to its namesake depending on the pheno. Nirvana Seeds is responsible for this mango-like breed of cannabis.

Looking closer at the buds will please the eyes with dark forest hues lying underneath lighter shades of green. The pistils are an attractive orange color and light up the nugs along with the sugary coating of trichomes along its surface that can be slightly yellow. Smell-wise, the Papaya strain has an aroma that may bring about general happiness. Its distracting citrusy, fruity, and spicy tones will make you put your eyes on this prize of a strain. 

There’s little-to-no lab information on the Papaya strain and its dominant terpene profile. Its parent genetics also don’t have much to offer for information. But, based on user experience data and the information available online, I can take a stab at the terps. Based on the citrus background alongside the fruity and potentially peppery qualities it may have, two terps stick out.

Papaya Strain by Pagoda Indoor

Image via 420 Farms

It’s not unfair to assume that along there is a presence of limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and either terpinolene or pinene. The fresh, spicy tang of this strain suggests the first two terpenes. Terpinolene sometimes sneaks in to offer more fruit-like flavors and uplifting highs. Mental calmness also aligns strongly with limonene and terpinolene. Beta-caryophyllene may be creating more of the body high that some claim is blissfully relaxing. Limonene is known for having citrus flavors and lending to potential anxiety and stress relieving highs.

Though the Papaya strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, smoking on some might find you caught in a creative whirlwind of productivity. You might notice more of a spicy herbaceous flavor on the smoke as well, with a hint of tropical deliciousness. Smoking on a fair amount of this strain might take your euphoria over the edge into a slow-motion ride to maximum chill. Those seeking relief from body pain or insomnia may find the lasting effects of this strain quite desirable.

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