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Pure Green is a medical cannabis processing company helmed by Stephen Goldner. To start this company Goldner had to give up Pinnacle Labs of Troy, Michigan. Michigan laws don’t allow safety compliance facility owners to take part in any other dimension of the cannabis industry. Despite helping to set the standards for cannabis testing in the state of Michigan, Goldner had more to do, including developing Parachute.

Parachute, a CBD tablet released in the summer of 2019, is the latest product offered by Pure Green Laboratories. It shines during the moments where one has consumed cannabis and is left feeling too high. Goldner had edibles in mind, as they are one of the easiest cannabis products to accidentally take too much of. 

The CBD pill delivers quick relief through dissolving under the tongue. Within five minutes Parachute’s potent effects spread throughout the body. It helps rid the consumer of any unpleasant feelings associated with being too high. The pill purely contains CBD, which tames the effects of THC and soothes the patient. 

Parachute Isn’t Goldner’s First Noteworthy Invention, Nor Will It Be His Last


In the 1970s, Goldner co-invented liquid methadone, the most commonly consumed form of it. He worked on this substance because many of his friends returned from the Vietnam War as heroin addicts. While Parachute isn’t developed with the same goal in mind, it’s comforting to have such an able mind behind the product.

Over the decades, most of Goldner’s work has proven to be of great importance. In 2016 Goldner represented the US at the United Nations. He helped revise policies that were propagating the war on drugs. While there, several Ambassadors asked him to set up methadone factories in their countries. Due to the DEA restricting the shipping of methadone outside of the United States, other countries have difficulty accessing the substance. Parachute’s creator agreed to do so, but while insisting on certain terms. 

These terms ruled that he would also be able to open factories processing cannabis to assist in opioid detoxification. Throughout his career, Goldner has assisted in many breakthroughs for cannabis, medicine, and world health. Parachute is another one of his products that will prove instrumental in assisting people to live humanely.

No one enjoys being too high. It causes nausea, headaches, irritability, and a litany of other symptoms. Parachute offers fast-acting relief from this while not requiring patients to smoke, vape, or otherwise ingest cannabis in a harmful way. 



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