Patient Care First is a cannabis dispensary out in Modesto, CA that defines a community-driven retailer. They are part of a lifestyle brand in the Modesto area called The Premier Society that includes fellow stores BlueFIRE, Phenos, Flavors, and Packs. As their name suggests, their background is in servicing the medical community. Alongside their fellow Premier Society members, Patient Care First has an exclusive feel to it. After your first visit, you’ll feel like you’re in on something that not everyone gets to experience. 

PCF has their menu dialed-in, and doesn’t skip a beat on offering diversity of product and pricing. There’s something there for every price range, whether you’re a cannasseur or a beginner, you’ll find options. The staff present at PCF are your gofers for any questions or concerns you may have. Asking questions never feels like a chore when you’re interacting with their staff of passionate budtenders. They value their veteran customers so much that they give them a regular 10% off with access to up to two secret menu items/exclusive eighths at 10% off.

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Reputable Brands

Open daily from 9am-10pm, closing at 9pm on Sundays, Patient Care First has Modesto sitting pretty with their expansive menu. Many of the most sought after brands in California cannabis line their shelves. A few big names that immediately pop out include Cookies, Buddies Brand, Seed Junky, The Cure Company, Connected Cannabis Co., Viola, and Wonderbrett. Their Weedmaps page advertises a 30% off on all 710 Labs concentrates right now too.

Product Recommendations

Looking at the whopping 36 pages of their menu, it took a minute to narrow down some favorites. After close deliberations, I know I can easily pick something nice out from each category. For concentrates, you can usually find an up-to-date curation of Buddies Brand’s Liquid Diamonds Live Resin CCell cartridges. It’s hard to find a real live resin cartridge without any additives for under $50 in California, and a full gram of it too. Many brands put “enhanced” on their live resin packaging because it’s not single-source. 

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For flower, you can’t deny their selection of The Cure Company’s flower. They have a King Louie XIII strain from them that I know would potentially hit me with the relaxation I’ve been needing. It’s coming in at just $22.08 before tax, so I can’t really complain. 

I’ve been a big fan of infused beverages lately since the heat has been picking up. The Habit Cooler Kiwi flavor seems interesting to me because I’ve had their Mango flavor on a hike and it was deliciously sweet. This fizzy sparkling beverage comes with 100mg of THC in it to give it a nice kick.

Lastly, picking out a topical product is never difficult for me. I like the lotions and salves that help with muscle relaxation and body pain. Papa & Barkley’s Releaf lotion will continue to come up in my selections. It’s a 1:3 CBD-to-THC ratio, with a total of 120mg of cannabinoids to potentially penetrate deep and quickly. I like THC-rich topicals because I feel like they provide faster relief, but that’s just coming from my own experiences. THC affects everyone differently.

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