The star of this review, the PAX 3, was originally released in 2016. Upon release, the only color available was the signature PAX black. I enjoy the color refresh that PAX offered to remind us of their pride and joy flagship device. The Burgundy unit I received was perfectly suited for my aesthetic.

With the fourth-generation device still presumably in development, we take a look at the current refresh available nationwide. For the sake of our review, we are maxing out with the Complete Kit, to test everything PAX has to offer. Later in the review, I’ll make the case why you should pony up the additional coins.

Since bursting on the scene in 2012, PAX quickly grew to one of the most recognizable brands for cannabis vape aficionados. After separating and becoming independent of the original parent company JUUL, PAX found its footing in legal cannabis. With a unique advantage, serving a large swath of vape enthusiasts, both in cannabis and tobacco, PAX has long been poised to persevere.

Price & Value

The PAX 3 is available in two offerings: device only, and the complete kit. With the Complete Kit, you receive an additional oven lid, the concentrate insert which lets you “dab”, the multi-tool that doubles as a keychain, and 3 screens to get you started.

A quick peek at the PAX 3 accessories page lists the concentrate oven for $50, so it’s safe to say that’s what you pay for when you upgrade from Device Only to the Complete Kit.

Perhaps PAX was taking the video game company approach by making you pay for the feature that should be readily available? I think the additional $50 is worth it to be able to unlock the device’s full potential and score a few convenient freebies, however. Pax 3 is not cheap. If you are considering this device you are what I call a luxury stoner. While beginners can use the device, I would imagine not everyone can or would want to go for a luxury vehicle for their first daily driver.

Product Availability

It is not hard to get your hands on a PAX 3 these days. Plenty of vape stores, cannabis retailers, and online retailers offer the device. There are certain states they do not ship to, so check their policies before you place an order online. The official Pax website has details about their shipping and returns policy. I feel comfortable saying that if cannabis is at least medically legal in your state, you should be able to find one at a dispensary or head shop.

Do you live in a state where cannabis is legal or outside the US? Don’t go searching for a Pax 3 on Amazon or eBay. The most you will find on the e-commerce giants are aftermarket accessories. Pax’s website has an international retail store locator but at the time of publication, the feature was not properly functioning.


On the surface, the PAX 3 Complete Kit is the ultimate vaporizer for luxury cannabis enthusiasts. Unlike direct competitor brand Puffco, Pax dares to offer a product that allows users to enjoy flower and cannabis extracts. The Complete Kit also includes a half-pack oven lid for smaller loads of flower. The standard oven size is an ideal size, but if you know it takes less to get you there, the half-pack oven lid is a good option allowing you to use less product. It is also worth noting that the PAX 3 is not compatible with PAX Era pods.

Learn more about PAX’s innovate Pod cartridges in our other West Coast Weed Tour Reviews including my own for a Trainwreck Live Resin pod.


When you look at the PAX 3 based on what it’s supposed to be able to do, it’s (still) a showstopper. On paper, the PAX 3 is a wireless wonder. It utilizes lip and motion sensors to keep the oven heated when actively vaping and shuts itself off when you’re done. In my experience, this feature isn’t the most revolutionary; you are better off turning off the device when you are done with your vape sessions, no matter the length.

Upon initial release, the PAX 3 had a full-fledged mobile app that was available for both Apple and Android OS. While the Android app remains, gone are those days for iOS users. In its place is a desktop app that is available for Chrome. PAX previously offered their take on the situation in November 2019. It’s a curious thing that its competitor PuffCo’s app workaround is still working, and PAX hasn’t attempted something similar.


When it comes to flowers, PAX 3 is a solid vaporizer. There is a slight learning curve regarding the amount and consistency for the best hit. Once you get it right, you’ll be puffing to the max. One thing I would say about all PAX flower vapes, don’t expect a huge bong rip out of this thing. In fact, this is a luxury smoking device that marries convenience and efficiency together in a discreet form factor. More on the design later.

The category is cannabis concentrates, and the winner is surely not PAX. Even on the highest of heat, the unit isn’t going to be able to push it to the temperature you need to get the most out of your extracts. At best, you’re taking a low temp dab. At worst, you’re mostly wasting your concentrate. Either way, you can expect a very small vape cloud that returns a fair amount of the flavor profile of whatever you’re smoking.


The PAX 3 takes design cues from modern devices (think Apple) and translates that to vaporizing. I dare to say their research and development benefits from the innovation JUUL made in vaporizer technology.

The device feels good in the hand. It’s not too tall, like most 510-thread battery-powered pens. It’s thick enough to feel sturdy, and hold a decent amount of product. The matte finish further enhances the luxurious experience. The interchangeable parts and tools are relatively easy to remove, insert, and handle.

If there’s one category PAX always manages to earn high scores, its design and form factor.

Battery Life

During my review period, I never found myself with a low battery. In retrospect, I should have let it die to test its full potential. However, in my and PAX’s defense, the unit is super easy to charge. Most other users report being able to use it up for up to 10 sessions.

The device does not use a standard micro-USB port like most competitors. Instead, the PAX 3 had a proprietary charging cord that magnetically attaches to the back of the device.


Prepare to clean your PAX 3 often. I would say to build it into your routine and habits. The cleaner you keep this vape, the better it performs and the longer it lasts. For concentrates in particular, I would not push it past three “dab” sessions.

Cleaning out the oven for flower sessions is relatively easy and can be done in the middle of a session. I would advise a few moments for the device to cool down before you open the oven. The included keychain tool is the easiest way to scoop out any loose flower trapped in the oven.

Extracts are not so easy to cleanout. When using the PAX 3 with concentrates, you should prepare to do what I call a “deep clean.”

A deep clean means involving isopropyl alcohol. Simply put, you toss all metal parts into a glass dish and submerge them in isopropyl alcohol. Full cleaning instructions are available in the instruction manual. PAX does a decent job guiding users through a full cleaning process.


Don’t expect Asurion coverage protection if you happen to be at fault for the device issue. Despite the long coverage time of ten years, the warranty for the PAX 3 is nothing special. The warranty is run of the mill. It covers defects and nothing more.

PAX Labs only warrants the PAX 3 device against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 10 years from date of retail purchase from PAX and from authorized PAX retailers by the original purchaser (this Limited Warranty is NOT transferable to subsequent purchasers).  Warranty does not apply should you purchase through a 3rd party reseller such as eBay and Craigslist.

PAX 3 Warranty

PAX 3 Final Impressions

The unspoken truth is that while the PAX 3 is a solid portable vaporizer, it is not without its flaws. Essentially, this thing is one big battery and oven. It heats up pretty quickly and can retain heat for quite some time. I did find it convenient that it also doubles as a hand warmer on long walks around Seattle. The fact that it stays so warm for so long doesn’t make it as ideal in warmer climates, however.

The big selling points of PAX 3 are its sleek appearance, convenient design, and flower vaping power. First available in 2016, one could assume that the PAX 3 could feel dated with how quickly tech advances. If you were one with doubts about the PAX 3, you may want to reconsider.

This device presents a solid choice for the casual cannabis user who is ready to take their lifestyle to the next level. A luxury device that performs well wrapped in a sleek and portable design. If you’re looking for a do-it-all vape, PAX 3 is a viable choice. The only person I would not recommend it to is a frequent dabber. No sole dabber would ever reach for their PAX as a daily driver.

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Battery Life89%
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