The Pax vaporizer system has been around as a dry herb vape for a few years. Recently they’ve released an oil model as well as a model that can smoke both oil and flower. All of their products have the option of coming with a 10-year warranty. Your money will be well spent with this warranty. Most of my vape pens or batteries seem to have a short life expectancy.

“Pax is ahead of everyone else and still sprinting.” Esquire


Out of all the devices, this is the sleekest. This model can be used to consume oil utilizing cartridges specifically designed for this product. Currently, there is only one oil company producing cartridges and that is Dabstract. With Dabstract you know you are getting quality oil. Simplicity reigns with this device. No buttons to worry about. Just attach your cartridge and inhale. The strains currently available for this device are Garlic Cookies, Black Russian x Do Si Do, Golden Pineapple, and Chem 91 x Animal Cookies. If you like garlic, I recommend Garlic Cookies. The Era has received recognition from Tech Crunch, Cool Hunting, and Engadget. With a low cost of $30, how can you not be tempted to try it?

Pax Does the Pax Line Have Something For You?

Pax 2

The single button interface on this pen allows the user to rotate between four different temperature settings. Designed specifically for flower, you won’t be smoking oil out of this one. Just a stealthy as the Era, this design runs for about $150 and has received mentions from Business Insider, Gizmodo, and Digital Trends.Pax Does the Pax Line Have Something For You?

Pax 3

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to the Pax line. Both flower and oil can be smoked through this device. The Bluetooth capabilities on this device allow you to regulate temperature through your phone. There are over 50 different temperature settings and it even vibrates to give you alerts. This device has been mentioned in Maxim, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post. Although the price tag is high at $250, the warranty and additional features make it worth it.


If you think you need it, there is an accessory for it. You can order anything from replacement parts to cleaning kits for your vaporizer.

Check with budtenders at your local marijuana store to see if they carry any of these models, or you can check their website.