Kush strains have always had solid popularity in the cannabis community for the simple reason that they’re typically quite potent. Pink Kush is no different, as the indica-dominant hybrid has been a favorite of Canada and the PNW for some time. Since legalization hit in Canada though, Leafly reports that Pink Kush remains the top-searched strain for all of Canada. The pink-haired relative of OG Kush is apparently the low-key favorite of the entire country. Why?

The Look, The Feel, The High

Pink Kush has beautiful pink pistils amidst crystally buds that have a robust candy-like scent with hints of sweet vanilla. It then delivers on a consistently high THC level of over 20% on average. Finally, it only takes about 10-11 weeks to flower, so it’s even relatively easy to grow. The effects include a strong cerebral high that spreads out to wrap you up like a warm coat.

Pink Kush Is One Of The Most Popular Strains In All Of Canada—Is It Actually Worth Buying Though?
Photo by @dabdaddi902

Medical/Therapeutic Benefits

Canada has a longstanding history with medical cannabis patients. Therefore, the classic strains such as Pink Kush, OG Kush, White Widow, and Blue Dream remain in high demand. Their widely documented effects and potent genetics make for easy products patients can knowingly purchase.

Pink Kush has strong pull in the medical community for its heavy body highs that work to quell nausea, migraines, or bodily pain. From either a medical or recreational standpoint, this strain is perfect for anyone looking to de-stress, get rid of the day’s worries, or even deal with anxiety. If you smoke a little too much of this strain there’s a good chance it will help put you to bed as well.


Does Pink Kush remain in high demand on the Canadian cannabis market from its longstanding history in the region, or from its easiness to grow? Or is it just a true classic that you can find at most dispensaries that gets you amply high? As the Canadian recreational cannabis market continues to grow, it serves to watch which strains become national favorites like Pink Kush is ramping up to be.

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