Cannabis testing and compliance is often an overlooked part of the cannabis industry. The topic has been in the news a lot more after Uncle Ike’s recent OK random testing practices found products tainted with harmful pesticides and removed them from their shelves. Testing compliance is the backbone of the cannabis industry. It’s what keeps the products clean and producers honest. Pixis Labs is the first state credited cannabis testing laboratory in Portland, OR.

What they provide is analytics on over 59 pesticides, heavy metals, cannabinoids, and terpene analytics. They also look at an organic-equivalent pesticide screen of 380 compounds, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and microbiology as well. Theirs is the only cannabis testing lab in Oregon that has ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) accreditation and is also the only iso certified lab in the state for cannabis testing.

Pixis Labs Drops Science On Cannabis Industry Testing CompliancejPixis is under the Tentamus brand and also operates as a top of the line medical-grade food and water testing laboratory. These industry experiences helped Pixis create industry-standard testing protocols that prevent people from cheating tests with new designer chemicals in the cannabis industry.

The laboratory is literally brimming with humming high tech equipment. You see several machines connecting to beakers containing chemicals that break apart the cannabis into its subsequent molecules for testing. You can also see spinning devices agitating test tubes and busy lab techs running around tending to each machine.

Their team tests for 15 different cannabinoids as well as various commonly found terpenes in order to provide consumers with the most accurate information about the products they are putting in their bodies. This is why public health and consumer safety are chief concerns at Tentamus and Pixis Labs. Such an ethos lead them to offer cannabis mycotoxin testing as well, providing an extra layer of protection for consumers.

 Pixis Labs Set Industry Leading Cannabis Testing Standards