Planet 13 is one of the largest recreational cannabis dispensaries in the world, operating out of a 40,000 square foot space right off the Las Vegas strip. Aiming to elevate the recreational cannabis retail experience into a memorable and interactive cannabis buying experience, Planet 13’s mission is to walk the customer through quality retail experience with an unmatched atmosphere that is not only safe, but interactive and fun. Their team is aiming to create a luxury VIP experience on par with other nightclub experiences that make Las Vegas a luxurious destination.

Planet 13 features an array of LED-driven visual displays starting with the 18-foot tall fountain that uses lights and fog to create a visually stunning scene that will entertain over 60,000 hotel rooms overlooking the complex. There are also 15-foot tall light-up acrylic lotus flowers located on the roof. These flowers light displays can be controlled by visitors.

The visual entertainment continues once you enter the complex; walking over an LED floorboard that shifts and changes below visitor steps. The boards feature different visual displays like koi fish in a lily pad infested pond. On the retail floor colored orb-drones float above the customers while full three-dimensional displays are projected on the ceiling. Interactive laser graffiti allows guests to leave a touch of their personal artistic steeze on the complex.Learn More About The Las Vegas Cannabis Super Store - Planet 13

Planet 13 features 28 retail vendors on their shelves, with over 50 different cannabis strains available. Besides full-flower cannabis, you can find drinks, edibles, vape cartridges, and concentrates. All of the product is displayed in glass cases in a spread-out floor plan. Budtenders float around the floor helping customers and guiding them through every step of the retail process.

Many of the flower displays contain terpene profiles, adding a layer of cannabis science education to the basic retail experience. This high-class retail experience has prices to match, with most flower prices ranging from $15-$20 a gram, concentrates averaging about $50 per gram and vape carts averaging around $60 a pop.

Nevada has many of the same strains found in other west coast recreational markets, but there are plenty of unique strains for cannabis tourists and connoisseurs to try out. Strains like Chloe, Tangilope, Truth Serum, and Ultra Violence were all highly recommended by budtenders.

Learn More About The Las Vegas Cannabis Super Store - Planet 13Planet 13 offers online ordering paired with full delivery service, allowing the customer to experience their acclaimed service and product selection from the comfort of their living room. The Planet 13 complex has been featured on some of the biggest publications in and out of cannabis. Marijuana Business Daily, Las Vegas Sun, Weedmaps, Dope Magazine, Leafly, Travel Pulse, Yahoo Finance, and many more have all heaped praise on Planet 13’s revolutionary experiment on cannabis retail.

Their team is already planning an aggressive 70,000 square foot expansion that will include a cannabis lounge, coffee shop, and restaurant that will all be contained within the same facility, creating an all-encompassing cannabis experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

This superstore is open 24/7, making its schedule compatible with the Las Vegas strip. This availability helps Planet 13 create lasting relationships, whether you’re a graveyard blackjack dealer or open up a casino breakfast buffet.

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