It allegedly started with San Holo, when a fan gifted him a plant at a show back in January – and the #PlontArmy has been a movement ever since. We’re talking about the Twitter accounts springing up that are dedicated to DJs’ stuff. #PlontArmy started with plants, of course – but has since expanded to include pets, fashion accessories and more.

The phenomenon of the #PlontArmy accounts started back in January, according to A fan gave San Holo a plant as a gift at one of his shows. He took the plant on stage with him and announced: “Yo someone just gave me this plant; make some noise for this plant!”



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Shortly after the San Holo show, a Twitter account for the plant started posting under the handle @SanHolosPlant.


Thus, the phenomenon began to spread. When Hotel Garuda found out about the Twitter account posting as his plant, the fan account responded with a list of all of the #PlontArmy accounts it had amassed thus far. By August, there was a healthy list of eight accounts all dedicated to DJs’ plants.

But, this fan dedication to leafy friends doesn’t stop there.

The accounts have expanded to include Dabin’s guitar (@DabinGuitar), Ghastly’s sunglasses (@GhastlyLens) and Rezz’s pet fish Mr. Feeshy (@MrFeeshy).

If that sounds like a lot to keep track of, the account for Ghastly’s sunglasses posted a drawing of all of the sentient object and #PlontArmy accounts thus far:


Bizarre? Yes. Charming? Definitely. Some of these #PlontArmy accounts are followed by their “owner’s” Twitter account (Ekali interacts with his plant’s account quite often.) But some are left to their own devices, bolstered by enthusiastic fans of the objects they represent.

As for me, I’ll be adding a goldfish and a pair of sunglasses to my Twitter feed. Stay weird, EDM Twitter.




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