Polar Icetracts is powered with Gold Leaf Cannabis. Polar Icetracts specializes in making solventless hash. Hashish is the oldest cannabis concentrate. The cannabis industry is gearing up to celebrate 7/10, the stoner cannabis concentrates holiday known as Oil Day. Many people use solvent separation to make butane hash oils, but few fewer companies specialize in solventless extraction methods because yields are much lower.

While concentrates are growing in popularity and slowing creeping into the mainstream, concentrates have been on the fringe for thousands of years. Hashish has been used by cultures throughout time and Polar Icetracts proudly continues that tradition in the 21st Century.

Hashish has been around for so long that it’s hard to nail down its true origins., but “hashish eaters” are mentioned in Islamic texts as early as 1123 C.E. Smoking hash apparently started becoming more common in the 1500’s, but eating it was the most common form of consumption for a long time.

Hash is a cannabis resin that is made through several types of mechanical separation methods. Mechanical separation means that the THC trichomes are physically removed from the plant matter. This can be done in buckets of ice water. Knocking the plant matter around in a cold slushy mix will force the trichomes to sink to the bottom and the plant matter will float to the top. The resin can be separated from the plant material with screens and sifters. The remaining material can be pressed into a beautiful hashish that is pure and free of solvents.

Polar Icetracts has taken these principles and greatly expounded on them to become one of the most prolific and recognized hash and rosin producers in the state.

“There is no better way to distill the essence of organically grown marijuana than through ice water extraction,” Gold Leaf Gardens.

Polar Icetracts six-star bubble-hash and hash rosin have garnered multiple awards and are only found at the top shelf at your local dispensary. Their newest creation is honey diamonds, Polar Icetracts take on a solventless rock and sauce concentrate. These sold out quickly when they debuted at Diego Pellicer. Look for some Polar Icetracts to celebrate your 7/10 Oil Day like a king, these concentrates are fit for royalty.


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