Cannabis conventions and tradeshows are popping up across the United States. Historically these shows were limited and far from mainstream. Portland’s Indo Expo at the Expo Center provided a chance for industry professionals to network and see the latest technologies available. Companies selling lights, curing jars, trimmers, and seeds filled the halls of the Expo Center.

One of the Expo Center’s buildings was filled with rows of cannabis booths. On each side of the entrance was a banner listing all of the sponsors for the event. With press badges in hand and one of the nicest convention bags, I have ever seen we ventured into the expo. Industry professionals businesses in all areas of cannabis mingled with vendors as conversations took place. At first, the sheer amount of booths was overwhelming, but as I moved through the booths I quickly became more comfortable with the environment.

Portland's Indo ExpoA handful of brands did things that set them apart from others. Their booths were set up in an appealing manner. They provided live demonstrations of their products in action. I was able to see thousands of dollars worth of isolated terpenes from Scientific 710 and thousands of dollars worth of equipment various manufacturers.

LowTemp Plates

Founded in 2015  by Levi, this young entrepreneur provided cannabis users with the first DIY Rosin kits. LowTemp Plates can provide people with what they need to create their own rosin using affordable technology and material. Youngblood is taking over the industry and at 23, Levi is already ahead of his peers. Portland's Indo Expo

The Farmhands

The Farmhands provide a unique approach to the cannabis industry. A group of like-minded business partners turned friends to provide the support needed to run a cannabis business. Focusing on SEO, website development, and rebranding. This company can provide the tools you need to be successful in the industry.


Formed to take and transfer payments in high-risk industries, especially cannabis. Zodaka provides a method to create online payment and ordering systems for cannabis companies. They offer immediate transfers of money so when a person makes a purchase that money is typically in your bank account after a single business day. Their servers are also secure and encrypted ensuring that your data is safe from intruders. Businesses are also able to track that money to make accounting and compliance a simple process.

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