With the audacity to call himself the King of the Northwest, a rapper better be a mean lyricist on the mic. Luck-One enters this year’s Freshest in the Northwest list at #4 with an impassioned declaration from Mac Smiff that he may just be the best rapper on the whole west coast outside of Kendrick Lamar. Following a theme of some of the artists that have landed on the list thus far such as Sol, J. Pinder, and Neema, the NE Portland artist had very little music to consider in the past 6-8 months, but still his impact can be described as unheard of.

After winding down the buzz over his last collaboration EP with singer Dizz called Critical Mass, a quiet period was had from Luck before he hit the net and the streets with “Strange Fruit.” It was the first thing to be heard from Luck for months outside of a rare MTV RapFix interview and it resonated with all the major blogs, radio stations, and the social networks. Luck is back and is working on his next project which will follow up the bold title from last year and will be called King of the Northwest II: The Curse of the Pharaoh. Mystery always seems to surround Luck-One and its probably why he’s always been an industry favorite and this year he’s a sold addition to our top 5! Should Clemm Rishad have passed Luck-One for #4 because of the lack of activity or are you happy with their rankings? Who is your top 3? Sound off on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FreshestintheNW

#4 – Luck-One
#5 – Clemm Rishad –
#6 – Sol –
#7 – J. Pinder –
#8 – Xperience –
#9 – Thaddeus David –
#10 – Neema –

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