Pre-rolls are a great way to sample the cannabis available on the market. In Washington State, most companies put their flower into a pre-roll for consumers to enjoy more easily. Many people enjoy pre-rolls as their main cannabis consumption method purely out of ease-of-use.

A BDS Analytic report from May 2019 found that smokers spent $37 million on pre-rolls alone. Whether you’re familiar with the company but want to try a new strain, or you’re mixing it up entirely, pre-rolls can be enjoyed without extra setup. No grinder, pipe, or papers are necessary. These five Pre-Rolls in Washington State pack a premium experience that won’t disappoint. 

Dutch Hawaiian by Harmony Farms 

Harmony Farms grows its product in state of the art, efficient, strain-specific growing rooms. This allows the grower to put special attention into each strain. Dutch Hawaiian, a cross between Dutch Treat and Hawaiian Sativa, is a beautiful citrus sativa. The flavor pairs nicely with the pre-rolled blunt cones. The premium experience from these pre-rolls is also due to the exceptional flush, so the joint burns clean and smooth. This joint is perfect for a sunny summer day of outdoor activities. 

Limonita by Avitas

Another wonderful pre-roll company in Washington State is Avitas. Avitas uses high-quality buds in their joints, not shake. The strain, Limonita, is a bright, clear Sativa that has you energized for any activity. The perfect joint to take on a hike, you can feel good about smoking the unbleached natural rice paper. These joints are packed well too, with consistent burning and optimal flavor. All of Avitas’ joints provide a premium experience, from their MK Ultra to their Dragon OG. 

Orange Cream by Pot of Gold 

Looking for something a little different? Most pre-rolls don’t stand up to the premium experience of Orange Cream by Pot of Gold in Palm Leaf Blunts. Citrus, sweet, and fruity notes from this strain provide a charming cerebral dreamy experience. The Palm Leaf makes you feel like you’re on a jungle excursion through a citrus grove. Palm Leaf Blunts are made from Cordia leaf which is a slow-burning alternative to tobacco-based blunts. These blunts burn great and make a thick, pleasant smoke that is perfect for getting a premium cloud. 

Jack Wreck by Sunshine Farms

This is one of the top-selling joints in the state according to metrics provided by Headset and for good reason. The Jack Wreck strain is a cross of Jack Herer and Trainwreck, providing a stimulating sativa high. Hits like a train and helps you get stuff done. The premium experience you get from smoking this pre-roll is why its so popular in Washington State. If you’ve got a mountain of work ahead of you, Jack Wreck is the perfect joint to get you through it. 

Dutchberry by Artizen 

This joint won the 2016 Dope Cup for its fruity blend of berry and citrus flavors and muscle pain relief. Artizen joints provide a particularly premium experience because the flower in their pre-rolls are hand-ground for consistency and a quality burn. While other brands typically use a machine grinder to bulk grind their flower, Artizen ensures the same grind each time by doing the task in smaller batches. Dutchberry is a cross between Dutch Treat and DJ Short’s Blueberry. This strain in particular is known for an uplifting, giggly high, and a balanced hybrid effect that is sure to delight.

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