If you’re trying to premiere your electronic music in 2020-2021, it’s about having persistence and love for your craft. With the fast-paced world of modern media, artists need to constantly be coming out with new music that can captivate an audience in a short period of time. It only takes one track to become viral to jump-start your career. But, to have that happen you need to be consistent with your posts and your creation of music.

Setting Goals

To premiere your electronic music effectively in the current online generation, you need to view yourself as your own business.  It’s important to set goals for yourself as an electronic artist and combine your love for music with selling yourself as a brand. For example, collaborating with a favorite DJ, or creating a new song each week. Setting obtainable goals is the first step to create success in premiering your electronic music career to the world.

What it Takes to Premiere Your Electronic Music Effectively in 2020-2021


Spend money to make money. There are many routes you can follow to build your brand as an electronic music creator. You can self-advertise for free by commenting on large platforms’ posts and promoting your own content. However, the most effective way to premiere and promote yourself is through paid advertising.

The first step is researching what brands align with your own personal style. Having paid advertising will guarantee your songs to be broadcasted onto larger platforms, reaching a greater audience. Investing your money into your music will have you reaping the benefits in the long run.

Platform Engagement

Instagram and Twitter are the two largest platforms for new electronic artists to be discovered. Maintaining a relevant and engaging social platform can help with your following and have new fans discover your music. By posting regularly and creating live-streams of your mix sessions, followers can interact and feel involved with your music creation.

Promotions From Larger Brands/Artists

Connecting with EDM blogs and electronic media promoters is a great way to premiere your music to a larger audience of listeners. Building a relationship with brands is a key part in premiering your music and engaging within the community you align your music with. Reposting another DJs mix, or messaging them to collab on a new track can connect yourself with other artists and brands. 

What it Takes to Premiere Your Electronic Music Effectively in 2020-2021

 Effectively promoting your music in 2020-2021 is all about social media influence. It only takes one time for your song to go viral on Tik-Tok and change your life. However, consistency is key to premiering your electronic music. Building your brand as a business and continuously creating new content is what will keep you trending. Using the combination of dedication and love for your music is what makes a great artist.