On February 25th, Dustyn Hunt-Bagby (also known as Prettyboi Nabii) was shot and killed by his girlfriend’s father after having been invited in earlier that day. The 47-year-old ex-marine accused of pulling the trigger remains free while the case is under investigation.

Rest In Peace Dustyn Hunt-Bagby (PrettyBoi Nabii)

Dustyn Hunt-Bagby AKA PrettyBoi Nabii Shot And Killed With No Charges Filed Yet
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According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department, there was a fight that escalated, leading to Dustyn being shot once in the chest. The father is claiming self-defense on the matter and hasn’t been charged with anything. Hunt’s family is looking for answers.

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Words cant really describe how much love was shown tonight. Dustyn Hunt had a amazing effect on everyone he met. To see so many people show up and just express nothing but love is overwhelming. Im glad I got to talk a little bit. There is alot that needs to be said about the how and why of Dustyns death. But the truth is that it was entirely avoidable and completely unnecessary. The Snohomish county sheriffs office is doing there job and I respect that….But the facts are there. Gun violence is a all to familiar story these days. And this is just another sad chapter in a long book of avoidable violence. But we are capable of changing things. And we will. #JusticeforNabii #JusticeforDustyn Me and Lisa Hunt would like to thank every single person that came out to share there stories and help us cope with this tragedy. Your Love is amazing and we love you right back. Please be kind to eachother. Because tomorrow isnt guaranteed. @tattooedbaker13 @chefrogerquintana @prettyboinabii

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Also known as PrettyBoi Nabii, the young man was a budding talent in the music scene. He was just starting to get his name out there in the community and already, at 21, he had touched many people’s lives.

Social media has been flooded with the hashtag ‘#JusticeForNabii’. Posts remember him as a kind, all-around nice kid. Many describe his smile and laugh being able to light up a room no matter where he’s at.

Through the Instagram grapevine, it seems that there is a memorial concert in the works. However, there is already a memorial fund for Dustyn Hunt-Bagby on Go Fund Me. As well, you can listen to his music on Soundcloud.