The hemp and cannabis industries learned a harrowing lesson in the quality of consumables over the last year. The dominating theme of the vape crisis was that untested products cut with unnatural agents are unpredictable. Some survive them, some don’t. Primary Jane eliminates the need to worry by providing organic CBD vape cartridges derived from legal hemp grown in America. 

The Smooth Hit Of Primary Jane’s Vape Proves Medicine Doesn’t Need To Hit Like A Cigarette

Hudson New Hampshire’s Primary Jane aims to prove the medicinal efficacy of hemp-derived cannabinoids. They offer CBD vape cartridges without MCT, PG, or VG and only use all-natural products. At $48, Primary Jane’s .5ML 300MG Uncut CBD vape starter kit is around the same price as a Juul. The 1ML 600 MG CBD vape starter kit is $58. Check out more of their organic products here. None of Primary Jane’s inventory includes cutting agents. They choose to go with honest, strain-specific options such as Wedding Cake, Strawberry Cough, and Forbidden Fruit.

In the vape industry, it’s common to cut oils with Medium-Chain Triglycerides oil (MCT), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as well as Propylene Glycol (PG.) MCT oil is derived from man-made fat. Both PG and VG are sugar alcohols. When mixed with nicotine concentrate, the result is e-juice. A recent study linked both PG and VG substances to lung damage. While more research on vaping is necessary, it’s clear that there’s reason enough to harbor concern over additives. Not only is Primary Jane free from MCT, VG, and PG, their new distillate product holds higher minors than basically anything else on the market. 250mg of minors plus 375mg of CBD for a total of 625mg/ml. A product this clean with minors this high sits in a class of its own.

Separately from health, pure, organic oil is incredibly less harsh to smoke. The hit is smooth as it doesn’t need to be assisted by irrelevant additions. Primary Jane’s third-party tested product is organic, thick, and compliant with the Farm Bill. 

Science Is Never Comprehensive, But Primary Jane Practices Their Due Diligence 

An authoritative view on the subject of consumer safety is impossible, but the available information points towards organic products being less likely to damage the human body. When adults vape, they already understand the presence of these risks. It’s unfair to consumers to introduce unnecessary variables. Primary Jane produces products completely in line with the current understanding of consumer safety, as they should be.

The organic CBD vape cartridges offered by Primary Jane are enriched with strain-specific, triple distilled terpenes. Terpenes not only add flavor but also have considerable therapeutic effects. Although they contain no MCT, VG, PG, Vitamin E, or any other cutting agents, the cartridges have a viscous consistency. Primary Jane tests all the hemp they receive to prove the compliance of each crop. This family-owned company is one of the most reliable for safe, ethical, and legal CBD vapes.

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