“Life is better lived as an adventure. We hope to become your primary natural source for surpassing your own limitations, defying odds, and becoming your best self – your PRIMARY Jane,” Jeffrey McGurren, founder of Primary Jane CBD, told Respect My Region about his brand philosophy in an interview.

CBD has become famous for its ability to help people cope with various conditions. “Primary Jane is all about limitless living. I believe these hemp products can help eliminate some of the barriers and limitations to a full life,” McGurren said. “The reason that I came to be a part of this industry is that I have a history in bodybuilding. Not competitively, but I was serious about it for a while. I lived in Los Angeles and I injured myself in 2008 or so, right before I moved back in 2010 to East Coast. I’m in New Hampshire now, but I grew up north of Boston.”

Primary Jane is an east coast based CBD company which sources all of their product from America. Their tincture products are grown and extracted in New England and they insist on everything being clean. 

“I’ve always been more of a natural type of person,” McGurren explained. “I try to eat organic food and to eat healthily, that’s the route I try to go with my life. I bought some CBD, started having good results, and then started experimenting with different things.” 

The Growth Of Primary Jane’s CBD Canopy

The start of Primary Jane was a natural process through using both Mr. McGurren’s talents as a graphic and web designer and Mrs. McGurren’s talent in developing topicals. 

Primary Jane

“We came out with a topical roll-on product, which we still have, that my wife developed,” Jeffrey McGurren said. “She has a background in skincare. That product was getting some good feedback locally from people who were using it for inflammation and other conditions. After that, we started sourcing some tincture from a lab in Colorado and doing some natural flavor infusions here ourselves, mixing some things up. Things took off from there, we released a vape product right after that, now at this point, we have some edibles, we came out with flower and pre-rolls recently. Feedback on everything we offer has been really good. Our vaping products are our best selling products.”

Primary Jane

Throughout the vaping crisis (due to illicit black market THC cartridges), which started in 2019, Primary Jane’s organic CBD vapes remained a goto product. Their insistence on using clean, entirely pesticide, and herbicide-free products made them an option that consumers could trust. While the vaping crisis is scary, it’s most likely due to irresponsible mixing processes rather than vaping itself. Thus, vaping entirely organic plant matter is a safe way to enjoy cannabis.

“We remained on top of it through the crisis,” McGurren stated. “The honest marketing of our uncut product kept people seeking us out. They wanted to be sure they were getting something that wouldn’t put them in the hospital. I think that’s why it remained our best selling product. Vitamin E Acetate is believed to be the cutting agent responsible for the health crisis. Now we actually run lab tests for that on our product to assure consumers that there is none in our PJ Pure vape cartridges.”

How Did Primary Jane’s Jeffrey McGurren Get Convinced? 

“When I injured my back I was having a lot of issues with chronic pain. I was having sciatica, along with constant burning in my back, at 24. An MRI showed it was a number of bulging discs and arthritis. I had to halt my bodybuilding for a while after that.” McGurren said. “Bodybuilding made me feel good, so I was having some mood issues after that. I looked up natural remedies after trying chiropractic, physical therapies, and cortisone injections, which got pretty scary when I had some nerve issues after they hit a nerve with a needle. Then I started doing some decompression therapy where they strap you to a machine that separates your spine as it pulls you apart to try to separate the discs and get more space in there. But, no one knows for sure what that’s doing to your spine long-term. I don’t think any of that was working out that well.” 

Primary jane

McGurren came into the industry as a man with a reasonable sense of doubt. He was a bodybuilder who trusted gains, results, and nutrients. Now, however, he’s developing hemp products with Primary Jane to help treat physical injuries and inflammation. There was no reason for McGurren to have faith in hemp products, yet he converted. CBD products helped him grapple with chronic pain and get back to his life. 

“The thing about it is I didn’t notice it immediately myself,” McGurren explained about his acceptance of CBD. “It was like I wasn’t complaining about my back, or pressing my back against the corner of a countertop, and my wife wasn’t seeing me do that either. She kind of brought it to my attention. That’s when it clicked for me. It’s like I didn’t fully believe it would work at first, I just wanted to try it. Then I increased my dose a little bit. As soon as I started increasing I started realizing I’m much more relaxed, I’m not in pain. I started feeling like I was just in a more relaxed mood. I found myself laughing more, having a smile on my face more throughout the day. That probably happened throughout the week.” 

Now McGurren is leading a successful business and a present father in his son’s life. Primary Jane is a product made with family in mind, as McGurren stated, “We aren’t just making these products for the general consumer, this all started with my closest friends and family, who are all still daily users. My sister is 38 and she has down syndrome. She has problems with her back and trouble sleeping. Being a very advanced person with downs syndrome, she also has a lot of stress and anxiety issues like anyone else. After a few months of using our tincture, she seems to be pretty happy with the progress she has made.” Primary Jane offers discount pricing for individuals with disabilities and special needs.

The discount for those with disabilities is 25 percent, the same as Primary Jane’s discount for members and veterans of the military.

THC and Primary Jane Down The Line 

In the future Primary Jane plans to offer cannabis vapes, edibles, and other products of the same caliber as their CBD line. However, there’s no need to wait for amazing and innovative products. 

Honey Dust is currently available for purchase on Primary Jane’s website. It is a product unlike any other in the CBD space – dehydrated honey infused with CBD and CBG. This product is a perfect addition to finished desserts and as a sweetener for coffee. 

Primary Jane’s roll-on topical is also still available via their website and is highly recommended. This topical is infused with arnica oil and essential oils in addition to CBD to make for a deeply relaxing experience. It is especially recommended for those looking for a soothing product that doesn’t cause much of a high. 

But still, Primary Jane’s vape products remain their best seller. These uncut clean cartridges feature organic oils distilled to perfection, infused with strain-specific terpenes only. When looking for a health company that puts family first, Primary Jane should be at the front of the search.

Primary Jane’s Response to the Coronavirus Emergency

For everybody locked up in their house due to emergency orders or quarantine, Primary Jane is reaching out. They’re offering 15 percent off all orders for those who email requesting a code. Additionally, Primary Jane accepts payment through ViaBill, which is a service that allows for 3-month no-interest financing. In this time of economic stress, make sure to get the relief you can afford.

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