Known for popular tracks like “Laudy Daudy,” “Alone,” and “Outsiderz,” Prznt is a bilingual hip-hop artist originally born in Cuba. This unique aspect has allowed Prznt to build large followings both in the U.S and internationally. Having amassed millions of streams on his music, Prznt has been making his mark as one of the hottest and most versatile up and coming artists.  

In “Seasons,” Prznt can’t put his trust in anyone. With people’s loyalty and true motives always in question, it’s hard to put your trust in someone without feeling any sense that things may not be what they seem. Whether romantic or not, this track gives listeners great insight into Prez’s experiences.

“Seasons” recalls a woman who switched-up on him, lied to him, and “left him out in the cold.” Prznt also references his own feelings about moving on and cutting off the people who can’t be trusted. 

Prznt Sheds His Skin Of Past Trauma In New Gripping Single "Seasons"

Though this song may be a reflection on his experiences, it’s important to note that this story is about moving forward, rather than reminiscing on the past. Prez has a way of weaving an intelligent narrative that keeps you listening from start to finish.

Similar to how the seasons change, “Seasons” shows us that we all eventually have to make that switch to the next season. Have a look at the official lyric video below.

Prznt – Seasons (Official Lyric Video)

The overall sound of the song is truly something to marvel at. It provides a great mix of the ambient and spacey sound Prznt is widely loved for, while also providing a whole new sound. The instrumental is produced by Woodpecker and features a lot of the ambient atmospheric qualities often incorporated in Prznt’s vocals. 

As his fourth solo single of 2020, it’s clear that Prznt isn’t letting up with creating and releasing new music. The beat is fire, the story is fire, and the execution of it all is simply beautiful. As an artist and storyteller, Prznt is continuing to captivate the ears and heartstrings of the people that relate to his experiences.

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