PuffCo has released the Peak, an ingenious portable smart rig that is revolutionizing how concentrates are being vaporized. The PuffCo Peak provides a smooth, strong potent hit while still actively vaporizing your terpenes.

Now, it comes with excellent pre-programmed heat settings. Undoubtedly, these preferences put the Peak in a category of its own. Making it one of the most innovative portable vaporizers to date. I continually return to the Peak to marvel at its efficiency.

The Technology Behind The Peak

  • 4 Unique User Heat Settings
  • 20 Second Average Heat-up 
  • Intelligent Temperature Calibration
  • LED Light Band / Hepatic Feedback
  • Fast-Changing / Long Lasting 

The peak provides such an incredibly enjoyable experience; I was shocked at how easy it was to learn its features. It’s no doubt that all across the cannabis network the PuffCo Peak has some of the best millennial reviews. There have been waves of positive gleaming feedback.

PuffCo Peak: The Revolutionary Smart Dab Rig Changing The Game
The PuffCo Peak Seen With Travel Case and Replacement Atomizer

Favorite Features Of The PuffCo Peak

The LED light band is so key for visual learners. It has flashing lights to indicate the start and stop of the atomizer. Plus it has a replaceable atomizer. This means that each time you get an atomizer it contains a new ceramic bucket.  More importantly, you’re able to swap in any kind of bucket like quartz or gem. That immediately made me a fan.

The PuffCo also comes with peace of mind in the form of a one year warranty. Admittedly, I was mostly all flower with exceptions to dabbing at parties or friends houses. This was all completely uncharted waters for me until now. 

My second favorite feature is “Sesh Mode!” This mode will continually heat the ceramic atomizer so that you can add more people or hits to each session. I have to mention that even passing the Peak is sturdy. You can pass it by the glass top attachment. Although, I strongly caution against that technique. With that being said, you can even replace your glass attachment. You can also buy custom glass and give your rig individually. 

Lastly, my third favorite is the cleverly innovative vibrations that let you know when the heating starts and stops. All while corresponding in unison with the LED light. In addition, you can cycle through heat settings coordinated by color; so testing your banger or bucket is no longer needed. Yet another win for beginners with barely any learning curve. 

PuffCo Peak: The Revolutionary Smart Dab Rig Changing The Game
PuffCo Peak | Gasmask Diamonds by Secret Gardens of Washington

The peak is a dream rig for a beginner or an advanced user. Perfectly engineered with a smart processor to keep you dialed into taking that dab and not the work behind it. From grandma to the homie, the Peak gained my stamp of approval as a great rig for all levels of experience.

Now every able user of age can get outdoors, on a beach, boat or mountain and dab for every occasion. These moments easily makes the PuffCo Peak the best portable smart rig. PuffCo sets the standard in versatility and mobility by packing portable and powerful into an on-the-go experience.  Next time your looking into getting a vaporizer, take it to the “Peak.”

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Peak, the PuffCo is also offering all Peak owners free entry into Peak Day at LA Speed Zone on March 9th. RSVP at

PuffCo Peak: The Revolutionary Smart Dab Rig Changing The Game