That Tacoma aroma is something commuters and residents have come to grow accustomed to, but lately, Tacoma is taking on an entirely different aroma, that oooo weeeee, otherwise known as cannabis. Chain fences, loading docks, and storage containers don’t make the most appealing place to grow a great flower, but Puget Power Cannabis is a small tier-two grow that’s maximizing their small space next to a Mission tortilla warehouse in the Port of Tacoma.

Puget Power cannabis is an incredibly small team consisting of their master grower, Dave, Raelyn is head of sales and operations, Jackie is a production assistant, and Kylie is hands-on in the garden. Their building’s still and quiet, reflecting the small number of humans grinding every day to fight for Puget Power’s shelf space.

Their building is extremely clean and organized compared to many other grows their size. Dave and Raelyn are adamant about scrubbing the grow rooms daily and keeping the whole facility organized. They believe you can’t have clean cannabis without a clean environment it’s hard to disagree after you see the results. Dave is also an avid surfer and fisher, on top of knowing his way around a garden after years of farming and a bundle of botany science he picked up at the University of Washington.

Water is vital to Dave’s existence and he wears his passions on his sleeve proudly with waves wrapping around his shoulder. Since taking over Puget Power’s garden he’s has made a point to use less water so he can keep swimming and fishing when he’s not harvesting. Dave has implemented changes like minimal watering techniques that reduced fertilizer use by 30 percent and water by almost 40 percent. He radically changed the plant’s grow medium from a cocoa base to a peat moss mix which and further reduce their runoff from somewhere in the realm of 15 to 60 gallons per day to just two or three gallons per day.

The majority of Puget Power’s current cultivar catch came from the brand’s last head grower. While they’re on the hunt for new phenotypes the team has whipped the holdover plants into a robust strain menu. You can actually restore a mother plant’s genetic vitality through precision trimming designed to direct the plant’s resources to its most important parts.

Ice Cream Cake is one that stands out, it packs incredible frosty trichomes and funky earthy terpenes that induce childhood hunting flashbacks like waiting for turkeys amongst the pine trees. Many of their plants pack strong earth and funk-based terpene profiles because that was the preferred flavor of the previous growers. However, one strain, in particular, has a nose catching aromas of orange and tangerine splendor. Mana From Heaven (MFH) is a niche strain with medical industry roots with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio that caught the eye of one of Washington most popular concentrate producers, Xtracted Laboratories. Xtracted turned Puget Power’s MFH strain into a pull and snap style wax that proves shatter still matters.

Puget Power Cannabis is small sparkplug brand that can be found predominantly in Tacoma and Seattle.

Puget Power Cannabis + Xtracted Labs = MFH Loud Resin



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