Up and coming DJ, Producer, and Cannabis consumer, Robert Monroe, aka ROBMON, is bringing back old school dubstep and serving up his take on house music. ROBMON’s journey into Electronic Music and passion for dubstep came to life from listening to Bassnectar, Deadmau5, and binging sets of Skrillex on Youtube. Now, the producer infuses the essence from many classic dubstep into his heavy hitting tracks.

“Everything in the EDM scene is starting to sound the same, I want to bring back the expressive dynamics of old school dubstep that allow for more diversity,” Robert explained in a recent interview.

He continued on by saying that in addition to teaching himself how to DJ and produce, he has always done the mixing and mastering of his music himself. This allowed the 24 year old producer to really hone his craft and find his own style. ROBMON, like many artists, has put a lot of effort into his work… and he didn’t take the easy route.

Creative Process

“My creative process involves a LOT of weed. Sativa varieties provide me the most creativity, but indicas make me anxious. Cannabis transports me to a headspace where I become the audience listening to my music rather than the creator. I have been to enough EDM shows to know what I do and don’t like the sound of – I just hear in my mind what I like the sound of and try to make that.”

ROBMON shared that his all time favorite strain is Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics.

“What I’ve been smoking on lately is actually from a local farm here in Pullman, ‘Happy Trails’ – a sativa dominant strain from Dewey Cannabis. I chose it because I am all about supporting local businesses and they are new company right here in town.”

Although starting on the heavier side of electronic music, Robert’s production took a turn after moving to the other side of the state. “Once I moved to Pullman, I started getting into house music… Now I just play/mix dubstep or house depending on what I’m feeling.”

ROBMON’s new EP, SASS, just dropped on Soundcloud for house lovers to enjoy. The three tracks on SASS – SASS, Enemy, & Flip –  feature a dirty culmination of techno, house, and UK vibes. “It was really meant to give off that grungy sound and warehouse vibe you’d get from a garage rave,” explained Robert.

As someone who has been part of the EDM community for years now, I have definitely noticed the shift of music being produced. More and more artists are creating riddim that sounds indistinguishable. I like that style, don’t get me wrong, but I find the dynamics that ROBMON is bringing within his music to be quite refreshing.

While listening to ROBMON’s playlist on Soundcloud, I often felt the urge to get up and dance around my living room.

Here were the tracks that made me move:

  1. i-5
  2. Shaoo
  3. Claque
  4. departure

The producer’s unique spin on riddim can be heard from his track, Trippy Crickets, on Mixture VOL. 8 from Prime Audio, a UK based label.

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