Feeling tired, but unable to sleep? There are some potent indica strains that can assist with that. Body sore? There are indica strains for that as well. Really need to eat, but don’t have any appetite? There’s a strain for that too. You don’t want to create a weed salad, but need to deal with all three? Try Purple Kush from Tj’s Organics. The offspring of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush.

Previous experience with MK Ultra from Tj’s Organics has led me to believe that they grow top shelf cannabis. I had high hopes that Purple Kush would be equally impressive. Packaged in a heavy glass jar, Tj’s Organics’ color codes their indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. There is also a moon and stars, indicating that this is a night time strain.

Each bud in the jar had more orange hairs than specks of green. As if the nug was dipped in sugar before being packaged, the dominant color on this weed is not green. The grape scent from the jar filled each nostril as I took a deep whiff. A hint of berry combined with the grape on my first rip. My eyelids started to feel heavy as my chin slowly fell towards my chest. Cottonmouth slowly followed with the munchies not far behind. I found my arms and legs also felt heavier as I tried to find the motivation to continue with my chores.

Purple Kush Tj's Organics Cannabis Review (Prod. Purple Kush)Purple Kush Overview

  • Indica
  • Genetics: Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush
  • Aroma: Grape with subtle hints of berry

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 19.23%


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