The Purple Urkle strain is a California classic. With ample mystery surrounding it, this strain has a complex flavor and aroma. It’s said that the Purple Urkle came from a unique phenotype of Mendocino Purps. Pine, berries, and spicy grape aromas prevail on this indica strain that might throw you into a relaxing euphoria. Many report the effects of this strain to come quick and without warning.

Looking at the Purple Urkle strain, it has a lot of the aesthetically pleasing qualities that many potent indica strains do. The nugs are hard like rocks, and weave together earthy green and rich purple hues. Dark orange pistils tangle themselves up in the condensed buds. Fresh berries, pine, and pepper show up predominantly when you get your first whiff. Cracking a nug open will set free a bigger blast of fruity berry goodness. 

When looking at the terps, the Purple Urkle strain is a creature all its own. Myrcene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene blend together to produce a favorite amongst medical and recreational users. Pinene plays an interesting role in the overall effects of this strain, and are a factor in what makes it so unique.

Purple Urkle Strain

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The myrcene is doing its job of contributing berry-like sweetness to the aromatics, while also contributing to its calming qualities. Pinene stands out as a potent additive to the fresh, piney aromas it may have, and has a strong potential for lending pain relief. Beta-caryophyllene is said to also produce anti-inflammatory effects, as well as a spicy peppery stench.

Smoking on the Purple Urkle strain might put you into the full-body buzz you’ve been looking for. Many recreational users might find this strain to be a consistent favorite for taking a load off. Medical users might find the Purple Urkle to be a welcoming addition to their nightly fight against insomnia or chronic body pain. With each puff, you’ll get hit with fresh outdoor flavors with hints of sweet berries trickling in on the tail-end of the smoke.

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