Quavo & Lana Del Rey Prove Why They’re an Unstoppable Duo on New Single “Tough”

After amassing a staggering 40 million views on Instagram reels with a tantalizing teaser, Grammy-nominated artists Quavo and Lana Del Rey release their highly-anticipated new song “Tough.”

The video for “Tough,” directed by Wyatt Spain Winfrey, is a mesmerizing fusion that allows both superstars to fearlessly explore each other’s musical realms, showcasing their indomitable spirit.

via Wyatt Spain Winfrey

“Tough like the scuff on a pair of old leather boots/Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude/Like a .38 made out of brass/Tough like the stuff on your grandpa’s glass,” the country-trap hook goes.

The song beautifully combines Quavo’s and Del Rey’s differing sounds. Quavo’s rhythmic flow contrasts yet complements Del Rey’s soft, airy vocals. The blending of the energetic rap and dreamy atmospheric melody creates a unique and captivating listening experience, resulting in a mesmerizing harmonic dynamic that is compelling and pushes the boundaries of their respective genres.

This collaboration not only highlights their individual strengths, but also creates an innovative and memorable sound. This track resonates with fans of both artists, due to it exemplifying how two distinct sounds can merge together to produce something unique. 

via Wyatt Spain Winfrey

Following the release of the teaser of “Tough,” the clip enjoyed various viral moments and was picked up by numerous publications, including Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Hypebeast, and more. Quavo and Lana added more fuel to the conversation when they performed the song together at the singer’s headlining performance at Fenway Park in Boston. The teased reel posted on Instagram became the most viewed reel of all time for Quavo, while that became the second largest for Lana.

Set in a rural backdrop, Quavo and Lana are intrepid companions, undaunted by life’s trials. On one end, Quavo brandishes his shotgun while Lana carries her guitar, symbolizing their unwavering strength despite their contrasting origins.

via Wyatt Spain Winfrey

Watch Quavo and Lana Del Rey’s music video here.

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