Seattle’s Raz Simone comes through with his latest solo EP. Presented by Black Umbrella and Dream & Produce. Great week for new Northwest music! Take a look and listen to this video, and be sure to download this free album. You can’t complain when Northwest artists are trying to spread their music for free. At least give it a chance, and give it a listen all the way through, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The Northwest is gearing up for the festival season (Summer) and many artists have been dropping new music. So stay up to date with all this and more on our website. We will be bringing you all the latest music and news coming out of the Northwest. This includes all the festivals that we will be going to this summer. Stay tuned.

You can download the whole EP for FREE right here:

As always, you can check out Raz Simone on his website, twitter: @razsimone, and facebook. Let us know what you think of the album in the comments below, we want to know what you think about this EP.  Raz Simone is becoming a major player in the Northwest Music Scene.