Raz Simone has been busy. On top of occupying the front lines protests in Seattle and Bellevue, he’s been holding community meetings to mobilize and organize the local community during a time when civil rights activism has swept the entire globe. As if that wasn’t enough, Raz dropped “They Don’t Understand,” a track he describes as “the anthem for our pain.”

This video was created by a group of the most talented video creators in the town like Chase Fade, Od1take, StayFreshMane, and VisualSubject. The video takes you from stacks of money on Raz’s table to the frontlines of the protests in the city. The lyrics are a reflection of the injustice of black life in America and how the frustration and hit a boiling point.

We’re seeing the results of a failed system. When human beings don’t have an avenue for actual recourse and justice, they lash out. This has been the case since the beginning of time and history is simply repeating itself. When systems don’t work for the people, eventually, the people will burn that system down and build one that works for them.

Raz is not only keeping the front lines peaceful and productive, he’s educating the people through his music, which is something of a standard at this point. It’s hard to get through a Raz Simone song and not think about life from a different perspective and that’s certainly the case with “They Don’t Understand.”

Raz Simone – “They Don’t Understand”