In 2009, what started as seven brothers’ mission to serve the community has turned into a health and wellness brand that has changed public perception, sparked research, and aided the lives of millions of people. The Stanley Brothers are one of the pioneers of CBD, and their work as industry leaders opened up the door to exploring the ever-growing health benefits of cannabis. 

In this Respect My Region brand spotlight, we delve into the history of the company that started a CBD empire, the brands they’ve created, and talk about some of their new products. 

The Patient That Started It All

At the start of the Stanley Brothers’ efforts to help the community, the team was introduced to Charlotte Figi. Just a child, Charlotte suffered from Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that resulted in hundreds of seizures. Charlotte’s parents had reached the end of the line in medical options and turned towards the health benefits of CBD as a last hope. Luckily, the brothers had been experimenting with their hemp-based tincture in southern Colorado and worked with the family to help Charlotte. 

What resulted was a life-changing story that would result in hundreds of medical refugees moving to Colorado for treatment and the start of one of the biggest CBD companies in the United States.  

Charlotte’s Web

From Charlotte’s story came the foundation of the Stanley Brothers’ company: Charlotte’s Web. The brand was built around the flagship CBD extract that changed charlotte’s life. Today, the brand has a wide array of products including CBD edibles, capsules, topicals, and even dog treats. Moreover, the brand focuses on health and wellness items that focus on assisting with pain relief, sleep aid, relaxation, and overall recovery. 

CBD extract changed the life of Charlotte by rendering her nearly seizure-free. Furthermore, all kinds of patients wrote to the brothers saying that Charlotte’s Web aided them in dealing with PTSD, Parkinson’s, lupus, and even opioid withdrawal. 

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Introducing “ReCreate”

While the healing properties of cannabis come mostly from CBD, there are many beneficial uses to using the whole plant. The Stanley Brothers’ brand ReCreate utilizes both the CBD and THC content in cannabis to create products that promote a sense of everyday well-being. “Designed not for a high, but for a higher function” is the brand’s motto. 

The ReCreate menu features tinctures, chocolates, and gummies. The products support your body’s immune system and the endocannabinoid system. Additionally brand focuses on helping you maintain a focused mind,  a sense of calm, and recovery. 

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Stanley Brothers Cannabis 

The Stanley Brothers’ signature company revolves around the concept of unlocking the benefits of nature through the innovation of science. Their full-spectrum products include concentrates, capsules, and tinctures. 

They carefully source their ingredients to ensure a consistent, controllable experience with each formulation. As a company rooted in health and wellness, safety is a huge concern for the Stanley Brothers. For this reason, the brand’s manufacturing and production processes reach completion under the strictest of measures. 

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ReCreate Product Reviews

With so many options of brands and menus from the Stanley Brothers, we thought it would be helpful to list some of our favorites. Thanks to a friend of COO Joey Brabo, aka @JoeyJayPing on Instagram, we were able to try out a bunch of the ReCreate products currently available in California.

ReCreate Relax Gummies – Extra Strength

These extra strength gummies contain CBD, THC, and Ashwagandha, n adaptogen herb used to support a sense of calm and manage everyday stress. The gummies contain 100mg THC per pack. They are fast-acting and gluten-free, tasting of a vitamin gummy. Further, the effects of the edibles should result in a comfortable body high. 

ReCreate Recovery Gummies

The recovery gummies contain cannabinoids and Cordyceps which aim to support joint health and mobility. These Stanley Brothers gummies are perfect for post-workout relaxation. The edibles contain 20mg CBD and 10mg THC per gummy. While not strong in flavor, the gummies have many benefits. 

ReCreate Energy Gummies

Firstly, these full-spectrum gummies come in a watermelon lemonade flavor. The gummies contain 10mg of CBD, 5 mg of THC, and Yerba Mate, a traditional and popular herb known for its energy-boosting properties. In addition, the effects of these Stanley Brothers gummies potentially uplift the user and reduce fatigue. 

ReCreate Peppermint Gingerbread Bark

These delicious chocolate edibles aim to create a functional high. The bark contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. Additionally, the Stanley Brothers’ chocolate is made with Lion’s Mane, which is a mushroom known for its bioactive compounds that help maintain a focused mind. Though holiday-themed, these chocolates are great for any get-together.  

For more information about these brands, please visit their official website.

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