Rhys Langston stands out as a unique voice in the LA hip-hop scene. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Rhys has seen different parts of the LA music and art scene. Blending his poetic genius and cultural upbringing, he is no stranger to finding strength in one’s weirdness.

A high achieving scholar, Rhys Langston was able to attend a prestigious high school with a basketball scholarship. His artistic endeavors have made it hard for him to fully accept the basketball route. After high school, Langston moved to Connecticut where he attended Wesleyan, a private university in Middletown.

After graduating from Wesleyan, Langston moved back to LA and dove into the music scene. He took to rapping, playing shows at venues like Backbeat LA and the Residency, and built his rapping repertoire. An elegant wordsmith, he found his voice in the ever-growing underground beat scene.

These days with the quarantine situation, Rhys has had to shift gears and adapt to his new environment. He canceled his upcoming tour in which he planned to perform tracks from his new album Language Arts Unit. Having recently moved from a shared space to a single space studio, Rhys has had more time to be creative.

You can find him currently writing, creating more visual art, and practicing his bass. He just released a new track entitled “I don’t wanna go home feat. Jon GK” that’s on Bandcamp now. Check out his full discography on his website.

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