Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Rico Act, a great rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota over Facebook. For those who don’t know who he is, Rico act has been the voice of a few large dubstep tracks, including some from Benasis, Riot Ten, $unday $ervice, and Bailo. Word has it that he has many more to come.

RMR Interview: Rico Act

RMR: You’ve gotten significant recognition from major artists with your track “Railbreaker” with Riot Ten. How did your relationship begin with him?

Rico Act: Man… I knew Chris had a heavily influenced hip-hop background, so originally I tried getting some rap instrumentals from him. Everything I made was trash so we just never moved forward. One day I asked him to send me some hard trap. He said, ” bro I haven’t produced hard trap for like a year.” Next thing you know, he sends me a “Riddim WIP.” We discussed some ideas, next thing you know, we got Rail Breaker, signed it to Steve Aoki’s label, Dim Mak, dropped it and it popped off. Shit was heavy as fuck.

RMR: What’s something unique about you that most people don’t know about you, or something that people wouldn’t guess about you?

RA: Hahaha. Oh gosh, the golden question … might take some shade for this one … probably the fact that I don’t listen to electronic music whatsoever, but I am mainly an electronic artist. All about the slow jams, R&B, classic rock, and heavily lyrical rap/hip-hop. Starting to get more into the electronic thing though!

RMR: What are some rookie mistakes that you see people make when trying to pursue a career in the music industry? What are some good ways to avoid them?

RA: “Clone zone.” I will hear an artist’s new track, and it will sound like something that I have heard at a show or wherever, some funky shit, come to find out all of Troybois records are in there Soundcloud likes. You listen to something too much, it will stick with you. Or dropping a new record and tagging a hundred people on Facebook.

Also, Not purchasing a pro account on SoundCloud.

Or when you see a dude upload a song on his SoundCloud at 2:30 a.m. haha. That shit always makes me giggle for some reason A lot of these guys release records every week/every couple days without proper promotion and exposure on the last records.

To avoid that, I guess:

Figure out what you truly want, and reevaluate your situation.

ALWAYS push your original records before you drop the next.

Also, Quality over quantity my friend.

RMR: What is something you do out of music that you think contributes to your creativity?

RA: I’m super focused. I do the music full time. If I don’t grind, I won’t eat. So I like to spend as much time with the music and go out of the norm with my networking. When I do have a minute, I like to chill and relax, plot new ideas, go skateboarding, talk with people and see what they are going through. Whether it’s good or bad, may give me some brand new content. Also watching cultural videos, funny videos or even epic fails. It helps give me some fire as my imagination is only so large, and would rather speak on something visible or tangible whether it’s understandable, or completely subliminal for my records. If that makes sense.

RMR: How do you feel about music industry where it is right now? Where do you see it going?

RA: Music industry will never go anywhere. Its here to stay. As more and more people attempt to make it, it gets tougher and more of a hustle. Everybody is a rapper. Everybody is a producer. It’s a little bit filthy and oversaturated, but it’s dog eat dog. Lots of people trying to take advantage of each other. It’s a continuous cycle of fuckery to keep it 1000. I know a lot will feel that. Fuckboys try to do me in as well … not a loose cannon, but I never put my tail between my legs.

Producer: “Wanna work?” Me: ” Yeah dude can we do producer & Rico Act – Title? Since it is a collaboration. I don’t want to be marked as a feature forever.” Producer: “Well since it’s just a feature lets call it that”

Man … I put in years for this shit to be “just” a feature … I ain’t getting much out of that. Especially when most of the time the argument has no actual argument to compromise the situation.

As for the electronic scene, we all know each other. Everybody talks to each other, everybody has their own opinion, but it gets all mixed up and it’s a big pool of drama. I can’t lie, I have contributed to it as well. But I will back it up if any of the internet thugs decide to step out of their Huggies. I got nothing but love for the struggle. If somebody is a hustler, I support that 100%.

No matter where the industry goes, I will stay in my lane, because I know exactly where I plan to be at the end of all of this.

RMR: Any upcoming tracks/projects you’d like to talk about?

RA: Lots! I have records coming with Riot Ten, Lit Lords, KANDY, NGHTMRE, B-Sides the legend, SCRVP, & more. Also currently working on a 20 track original hip-hop album with Julian Benasis. Very excited to show everyone these tracks when the time comes!

RMR: Is there anything else you’d like to say to everyone?

RA: It’s so easy to say “thanks for all of the support,” but I would genuinely like to thank everybody for the love and open arms of welcoming my music into their playlist. The scene can be tough, but my fans and family hold me together. And I could not be more appreciative of that. Shout out to everybody I have worked with, shout out to all of the labels, all of the networks, people that help with my promotion, my guy Wade Hampton for the wisdom and motivation, and anybody that has ever pressed play on any of my records. No matter what it is in life, no matter what you want, you can do it. I swear to God you can. I’m going to step my game up to my pinnacle 2018. Be ready for better content. All love.

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